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19 and…engaged?! 

By Cassidy Rich

“Wait. You guys are engaged?!” That was my response when I found out that two freshmen at my university, Robyn and Jeffrey, are engaged and getting married later this summer. I had just met them a few hours earlier at a volunteer project and enjoyed getting to know them. At first it was hard for me to think of these 19 year-olds taking such a big step at such a young age, but I admire them for it. I think most 19 year-olds are nowhere near ready to get married because there is still much maturing to be done. Internships, college majors, career plans, and life goals are all uncertain and marriage seems so far off. That is what stood out to me about this young, engaged couple. They have their college majors set, job plans in place, and goals lined out. Not to say that they are not open to change and adventure, they are just mature in a way that I find to be unique, special, and encouraging.

I was curious to know more about their relationship and how they were planning on balancing college, work, and married life, so I asked Robyn if I could meet with her. Hearing Robyn talk about Jeffrey and how proud she is to be marrying such a great guy made me hopeful about young marriages. I understand that getting married young is not for everyone (I myself am in my twenties and not married), but I think that society tends to have a mindset that marriage can wait until you are older and more “established.” I have heard people say that you should have a degree, career, achievements, travel, and do what you want before settling down. While this may be what is best for some, others have a different view.  Robyn and Jeffrey are doing all those things together. They finished their senior year of high school together, survived their freshmen year of college together, and are facing life’s ups and downs together. When I met with Robyn to discuss her and Jeffrey’s relationship, it was evident that she is committed to him and he to her. Their decision to get married so young was no sudden choice because of specific circumstances. They are getting married at just 19 because they have found the one they want to spend the rest of their life with and want to go through this crazy thing called life by each other’s side.

After having the privilege to sit down and talk with Robyn about her dream wedding plans and plans for her and Jeffrey to finish their degrees, I realized just how awesome this couple is for doing what they are doing. Getting married while still technically teenagers seems to be something that only our great-grandparents did, but Robyn and Jeffrey are sending a different message. If you find “the one” that you want to spend the rest of your life with and are able to get married, why wait? Let the adventure begin! Obviously this is not meant to be everyone’s love story because people walk different paths in this life and have their own special adventures. Whatever your story may be, I hope you find Robyn and Jeffrey’s to be encouraging and inspiring because of its utter uniqueness.


From the author:  “I am currently a senior at Grand Canyon University, double majoring in History and Communications and graduating in December 2016. I love writing and putting my thoughts on paper, so I am hoping that when I graduate I can work for a company or organization in a position that requires a significant amount of writing.
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