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2nd session From Be an Icon Series – Are you present in the moment?

December 6th, 2016 – In the heart of Dubai on the 33rd floor in a friendly setting at the well-known World Trade Centre commenced the second session of  “Be an Icon series” led by Ms. Salma Sakhnini Founder & Managing Director of ICON Training and Coaching Consultancy.

The idea behind the series was to find a way to pay it forward, creating a community of like-minded people who are passionate about doing more for their society and those around them; through connecting, learning, giving and sharing experiences.

Ms. Sakhnini started by asking, “How present are you in the moment?” A very important question that most people don’t pay attention to or ask themselves.

As we all live in a noisy world filled with distractions, having the need to be plugged in all the time in fear of missing out, has unfortunately done the opposite, people nowadays feel more detached and further away from attaining their desires. The audience did a simple exercise, where one partner was busy on the cell phone while the other is trying to convey an important message…how does it come across? There is an evident lack of communication and lack of being present in the moment. “If life is a conversation, what are we doing with these conversations?” asked Ms. Sakhnini


In general people act based on emotions not rationality. Decisions taken are usually entwined with our feelings because we attach meanings to them. The whole idea is are we getting closer to what we want out of life?

If you want to get results it all depends on your thoughts. And people control their thoughts and attach the desired meaning to them. In choosing to be present in you own life is a choice you can make, and the key ingredient for success is to have focus and knowing your priorities, and choosing the right thoughts and meanings that would best serve your goals and life.

One member of the audience spoke about her experience, when she felt the urgent need to detach from all distractions and went away to Nepal for a long break to be able to clear her mind and focus.

However Ms. Sakhnini pointed out that to be able to clear your mind, detach from distractions and gain focus doesn’t necessarily require drastic changes such as escaping your life to another location. Small daily changes and habits can go a long way in helping you reaching your end result.

The session was filled with stimulating discussions and eye opening helpful tools offered by Ms. Sakhnini.

While attendees didn’t want the session to end, with the wealth of information and conversation offered yet it had to be wrapped up and ended on a high note with two lucky winners from a raffle draw winning the valuable gift vouchers for a free coaching session. As well as many  people enjoyed having their portraits drawn by artist Ms. Rania Naccour.



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