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3 Easy Tips to Help You Manage Your To-Do List

By Rhonda White


It’s so easy to get side-tracked when we fail to sit down and write out a specific to-do list. We end up wasting hours away during our business work hours.  And consider this…if you were to get paid for all those lost hours, you might be a millionaire!

There seems to be two main extremities among business managers…

Those that suffer in utter chaos (you know, constantly looking for that lost file on the computer, a forgotten password, or notes scribbled on some little piece of paper somewhere) — “It was right there yesterday! Really it was!”

On the other side of the coin, there are those that seem to fly through their day.  They accomplish so much (it makes your head swirl), and stunningly enough…they even manage to have spare time to get a manicure and read their favorite book.  They thrive abundantly in an organized, stress-free manner.  Best of all, they don’t have to rush and burn the midnight hours away trying to get caught up.

The choice between the two options is really up to us. We all have the same 24 hours every day to get things done, and how we manage to use those 24 hours each day makes a real difference in our business and our home life.  As you work from home, it’s more important than ever to organize your business tasks or you may find yourself working endless hours (and addicted to coffee).


Here’s 3 Easy Tips to Help You Manage Your To-Do List:

  1. Make a master list. Create a master listof everything you need to accomplish for the entire week.  Next, begin to break down your list into a daily “to-do” schedule. When you plan early the tasks that need to be done, you allow yourself more time to accomplish them without being bogged down or overwhelmed.

Example: If you’re creating a new report, you can plan to create an outline on Monday, do necessary research on Tuesday, write ten pages on Wednesday, write ten more pages on Thursday, proofread and add final touches on Friday.

*A couple of tips: Keep in mind those days that are quite hectic and schedule less tasks.  Also, determine when your energy is higher and schedule larger tasks that require more focus during those times.

  1. Schedule every task (smaller ones as well).Each task needs to be accounted for, such as responding to email, planning product development, managing your marketing plan, researching, managing your website, tending to customer service, attending meetings, traveling time, dealing with other employees, etc.

Scheduling all minor and major tasks allows you to see the whole picture which will help you manage your time better.  It’s important to allow yourself adequate time to accomplish those tasks as well as trying to stick to the schedule that you’ve set so that you don’t find yourself lagging behind. You need to feel small steps of success and not constant failure.

  1. Determine how much time you have to dedicate for each of your business activities.  Keep a realistic view on your available time. As I said earlier, you want to allow yourself adequatetime to complete each task. Also ask the question, “Are there some tasks that could be completely eliminated because they’re not actually productive for your business?”

As your business grows, you may need to outsource more tasks.  Outsourcing is absolutely a positive action for your business.  As you expand your home business, your position as CEO will become more defined as you outsource all the smaller tasks and your main focus now becomes overseeing all the major decisions and planning of your business.


Rhonda White is a Christian Work-at-Home Mom. To learn more about managing your home business and keep you motivated, grab your free membership on her blog at


Photo credit: Ready Set Monday!!! / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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