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3 Reasons to be a TOEFL Instructor

By Bruce Stirling

TOEFL instructors are in demand. Why? Because foreign students and professionals are entering the U.S. in record numbers. And they all need a TOEFL score, when applying to schools and for professional licenses. That is good news for EFL instructors. If you are an EFL instructor—and your résumé says you can also teach TOEFL—you will increase your marketability. Moreover, you can market yourself as an online TOEFL instructor. Believe me, there has never been a better time to be a TOEFL instructor.

Make Dreams Come True                                  

For many test-takers, TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language) is a mountain that stands between them and their dreams of studying or practicing professionally in the U.S. As a TOEFL instructor, my job is to help my students conquer their fears so they can conquer the mountain. I do so by teaching them the strategies they need for TOEFL success. Yet that is only half the battle. When the business student has given up all hope of getting the TOEFL score she needs to attend a U.S. business school, I must inspire her to carry on. When the pharmacist fails to get the speaking score she needs to be a licensed U.S. pharmacist, I must console her as she cries. I must make them, and all my TOEFL students, believe that they can do it. In short, their futures are in my hands. Now imagine their joy when they finally get the scores they need. The mountain has been conquered at last. I have helped make their dreams come true. As a TOEFL instructor, you will too.

Create Real Teaching Value

When you teach TOEFL, the value you bring to classroom is real and immediate. A good example is the TOEFL essay. Many of my TOEFL students struggle writing essays thus I must teach them how. Once they grasp the basic concept, the lights go on. The mystery is solved. By demonstrating to my students that TOEFL is not impossible—that the mountain can conquered—I give them the confidence they need to succeed on test day, and to communicate proficiently in English beyond TOEFL. With every email of thanks, I know that I, as a TOEFL instructor, have created real value in the classroom, value that has had an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of my students. As a TOEFL instructor, you will too.

Go For It!                                                             

In the increasingly competitive field of EFL teaching, having TOEFL on your résumé is a marketable skill that will set you apart. You will also discover that TOEFL is the most rewarding course you have ever taught. Best of all, you will create real teaching value in the classroom while making dreams come true.


About the Author: Bruce Stirling is an American university professor and best-selling TOEFL author. Visit him on LinkedIn.
This article was first published by EFL Magazine.



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