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3 Steps to lose that vacation weight gain, now! 


If you have put on some holiday weight during this vacation, you are not the only one. Vacation’s are usually the time of the year when people tend to indulge themselves with culinary delights. Fitness First experts agree that losing the holiday weight won’t be as easy as it was gaining it, but don’t despair, with small changes to your lifestyle you can lose those extra pounds gradually.

Here’s how you can do it.

1. Hit it with exercise: Walk, run, swim or gym; get your heart pumping if you have slacked off while on vacation. It helps further if you intensify your workouts gradually to burn more. Keep a check on progress and add more to your workout routines to optimize results. For example why not try a Freestyle Group Training class at Fitness First which incorporates a mix of HIIT (High intensity interval training), cardio and dynamic movement training that will boost your weight loss journey, increase overall fitness and make you stronger. Try a class today simply visit our website at www.fitnessfirstme.com

2. Calorie check: A weight loss journey should ideally begin in the kitchen as well as in the gym. Simply returning to your usual eating habits will cut down calories and it is also important to let go off the excess calories by reducing intake of rich & sugary foods. When you are mindful about your calorie-intake and torch the extras by working out, you are bound to get back in shape. Food and nutrition are master-players of your weight loss journey and are known to help mitigate the gain.

3. Portion Control: Though you have your diet chart sorted and the groceries stacked, portion control is still the key. You will manage burning the extra calories only if you limit its intake. Consuming portioned meals will not only decrease calorie intake but will also balance your metabolism to further help you lose those extra pounds. But how will you know the portion size that will suit you best? You’ll be surprised to know that the answer lies in your fingers and fists!


thumb-tip equals 1 tsp. Measure sauces and oils added with a thumb-tip. Include a small amount of unsaturated fat in your diet each day.

palm equals one serving of meat, fish or poultry. Adults should be getting 2-3 servings of meat & alternative each day.

thumb equals 1 ounce of cheese. Two thumbs of cheese equal 1 serving of milk & alternatives. Adults should be getting 2-3 servings of milk & alternative each day.

fist equals one cup. A fist equals one serving of leafy greens or a single fruit and 1 ½ serving of yogurt. It is also equal to 2 servings of grains and cut vegetables. Adults should be getting 8-10 servings of fruits & vegetables and 6-8 servings of grains each day.

And finally, hydrate with water, ditch the empty calories, listen to your body and get back to being focused on your fitness goals.

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