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4 Ideas for Kids Rooms’ Design

By Maryam Sarhan


Getting children prepared for bedtime or study time can be one of the most difficult tasks of a parent. A reason for this has to do with children’s lack of attachment to their rooms. Below are 4 ideas for internal design that help turning a child’s room into a perfect study area and sleep cave:


Chalkboards around the Walls

Chalkboards are an affordable and fun way of nurturing children’s creativity and imagination. They can also be used in study activities in which parents can take part. The choices are many in terms of their color, material and space. So you’ll find one that is right for you.


Room Wallpapers

Wallpapers should reflect children’s interests. Take some time finding out what your child loves the most. He will feel attached to this area of his home where his buddies surround him.


Creative Beds

Plain beds are not appealing to kids. There are crafty ideas that suit all budgets. You can replace bed linen or painting with others that reflect your kid’s personality and hobbies. If budget isn’t a problem for you, consider buying an unusual kids bed such as car shaped beds, swing beds, etc.


Unusual Lighting

Don’t overlook lighting in internal design. It counts towards the overall appeal of your child’s room. Again, focus on the things your child adores. There are numerous lighting options, from ceiling, wall and table lamps to nightlights. The themes can be animals, space or superheroes.

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