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5 Must Have Muslim Apps for Tech Loving Muslims

By Sarah Zohar


If you’re not an iPhone user, you either have an Android or a Blackberry, or you will be thinking to get one of these. Smartphone evolution has given a boom to social plus convenience apps. Smartphone users find solutions in apps and they have to save all the time of suffering and surfing.
Sometimes the Best Apps in Life are Free. Here’s the Top FREE Apps that every Muslim needs to look atleast once. These Islamic applications work for reviewing Quran, Qiblah direction, calculating prayer times, and even discovering halal meals. You can download and install these applications from the App Store in iTunes or Google Play if you are making use of an Android smartphone.


Muslim Pro
Muslim Pro is perhaps the best Islamic mobile app having all features for Muslims i.e. precise prayer time based on your current location, Prayer Timing, Qiblah compass to show you the direction, a complete audio Holy Quran in 15 different languages (audio and translation for fee users), maps to halal dining places and Masjid around you, a Muslim calendar to determine special days, and 99 names of Allah.


Quran app has more than 20,000 individual downloads and probably has ended up being the most effective Quran application on the market. It has a Holy Quran with content in Arabic and translated versions to select your desired one. It additionally offers Arabic audio playing by Sheikh Sa’ad Al-Ghamdi, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim, Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi, and Qari Abdul Basit that can be downloaded and installed easily.


Anyone can get prayer timings for their regional city, along with Qiblah direction and adhan using this app. Thousands of cities around the world are available in this app. The user can also access a five-day schedule and a Hijri calendar. The Pro model allows the users to increase more cities (valuable when traveling), add more signs and notifications, and change the prayer calculation settings.


Muslim Prayer Times
It works as an alarm system for the 5 prayers daily and shows you the direction of Qiblah, moon phases, and Islamic events. It can play Azan at prayer time too. It can be downloaded from Google Play.


Deenwise is a comprehensive Muslim App for Android, iOS, blackberry and Windows phone. A decent and accurate App to find the Qiblah direction, Listen the Quran recitation, English and Urdu translations of Quran, Prayer Timing, Silence Zone, knowledge base and lot more. No matter where you are, Deenwise guides you in every corner and pole of the earth. It is the most awaited app as they have decided to launch it soon for Android and iOS in few days. You can join it on Facebook, twitter, G+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.



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