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5 Online Tools To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


As the New Year approaches, everyone tends to think about personal goals and plans for a fresh start. However, research, by Statistic Brain, showed that just 8% of people actually achieve and stick to their yearly resolutions., the leading online platform for booking cleaners, provides five easy online tools that can help you curb the urge to ditch your newly-made personal vows.

“Most people start the New Year with good intentions but, after returning from holidays and getting back into their busy lives, resolutions can simply be forgotten. Lots of people don’t even bother making resolutions because they don’t think they can maintain them,” says Manar Alkassar, co-founder and managing director of Helpling UAE.

1. Stick To A Healthy Diet: Eating better is on everyone’s agenda after New Year. Nowadays, you don’t need to resort to just ordering a greasy pizza online, as there are plenty of home delivery services that send healthy, fresh-made food to your door. Not only is this a great way to better your eating habits, but it also takes the guesswork and effort out of planning healthy meals. is a great example of a fresh food service, delivering delicious and healthy recipes, with all the pre-measured ingredients, straight to you.

2. Make More Time For Yourself: Take some time out for yourself, read a book, walk the dog or how about a massage? Outsourcing tasks can provide you with a few extra hours to do the things you love. A cleaning service like can help you to take care of the dirty work. Helpling allows you to book a local, experienced, and insured cleaner in just a few clicks starting at AED 35 an hour – taking the stress out of keeping up with your cleaning in the New Year.

3. Keep Fit: While you may vow to go to the gym in the New Year, it doesn’t always happen. There are, however, some amazing apps that allow you to track and keep up with a fitness routine at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Some of these include: Human(an app that encourages you to get your recommended 30 minutes of activity, each day) and Freeletics (an app that has workouts to lose weight or build muscles without using complex equipment or requiring long training sessions).

4. Save More Money: Tracking your money can be a real bore, but with apps like Wally you’re able to track all your expenditures (how much you’ve spent on entertainment, food, etc. each week), and get a hold on where you should scale back – all without having to sort through your monthly bank statements.

5. Learn Something New: Improving your skills and furthering your knowledge (whether for work or for personal growth) is another popular resolution. Learning company allows you to select online courses that you can complete at your own pace from home. Whether web design, photography, business, software or creative skills, there are tutorials available online for you to increase your learning in the New Year.


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