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5 Reasons Why Women Choose a Home Based Business



From the extensive research I have undertaken by studying this subject, I feel I have a broader understanding of the reasons behind ‘why women choose to build up a home based internet business’. I want to make it clear before you read any further, that I am not gender bashing in this article. I have simply decided to study from a woman’s angle for the purpose of this report. I am equally convinced that men also enjoy working on a home based internet business and many are very successful, although men generally have different reasons for doing this and tend to approach their business with a different set of strategies.

I have found that most women who work on a home based internet business have made an informed decision and have chosen to do so and with the correct guidance and information can become hugely successful.


Many forward thinking and modern employers promote their business as a ‘family friendly’ company to entice women into working for their organisation. This all sounds ideal when you read their advertising and are convinced that they will understand the commitments that a family/husband/partner/grandparents/dog/school /childhood illnesses/minor emergencies/childcare can all bring when employing you. The problem is that they don’t or cannot really cater for your life. Mostly, their version of being family friendly is allowing you to take your vacation time during school breaks and a few days off a year for child illnesses. The only other real concession is flexi time, assuming you understand that flexi often means between 8am – 6pm!


It’s no secret that women take the prize on this one and this is where a home based business is ideal for women as we women seem to have been born juggling. Working from home does not allow you stop juggling but it does allow you to juggle to suit yourself and not for someone else. For example, making a meal, having a telephone conversation and amusing the children, all at the same time, is not an uncommon situation for most women. The bonuses to having a home based internet business are enormous and you can decide when to do these things and in what order. From the laundry to the boardroom, without leaving your own home office or kitchen table can be a very attractive job offer for most women. Women who are successful in this line of work are usually tenacious and determined to succeed. What they don’t know they will find out.


This is one of the ultimate driving forces in all of our lives. Women visualise money in a different way to men. Women notice the small savings that can be made when working from home. No travelling expenses to and from work, fewer childcare costs, less money spent on convenience food, and no more expensive business clothes that you feel obligated to buy just to keep up with the other fashionistas in the office or workplace. These are a few areas where you can save money and as for making money, then you can decide when to work your socks off to reach a deadline or a particular target. You can choose to wait until the kids are in bed or hit the computer in your pyjamas if you know a sale is imminent. You can schedule in most appointments, a special shopping trip, birthday celebration and other things you have always wanted to do but were restricted because of work times. This time can be made up whenever you choose to put in the hours. It’s not an easy option, as you still have to put real effort into your business, especially at the set up stage. However, only when you have a home based business, can you appreciate the efforts of a 14 hour working day or the benefits and luxury of a 2 hour day, when other personal commitments take priority.


Most of us are reluctant to admit that we like or feel the need to be in control of most of the areas in our lives. But if we are being honest, we do prefer to be in charge of our own world, which includes our business and earning capacity. As an employee, how many times have we wanted to be in control of the expenditure of our employer? We continually question decisions by management to buy or not to buy? Why do we have to submit a two page stationery acquisition and wait days or even weeks to receive the necessary folders, pens or ink cartridges? Why do meetings go on for a full afternoon, even when there’s nothing much to report? Why do they not switch to cheaper and better suppliers? Why don’t they improve their customer service procedure? These and many other decisions are all within your control when you have your own home business. You are in control of every department as you are now the C.E.O.


To have a happy, secure and fulfilled life, women acknowledge and appreciate that these three areas are basically the fundamental cornerstones to a harmonious and balanced lifestyle for you and those around you. Self esteem is important to your overall well being and by choosing a home based internet business, these three ingredients can be blended into what you consider works for your individual circumstances. We all have a bespoke situation and only you know what the necessary ingredients are. A home based business can bring you freedom, flexibility and fantastic financial reward.


Liz Docherty was an accountant for 19 years before deciding on a complete change of direction in her life. She has been involved in internet marketing for a year and now coaches and mentors other like minded people who want to achieve the flexibility and financial freedom that we all aspire to. To find out more about her and her business visit her sites at
[http://www.ThisIsTheLife4u.com] and [http://www.lizdocherty.com]
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