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5 Tips to Staying Motivated

By Anne de Puryperez


It is really difficult to stay motivated all the time. Since it’s human tendency to whine and complain, it takes real effort to stay motivated. So here are some tips as to help you.


Find the brighter side of life

No matter what you do, finding the brighter side of life will always have a positive effect. You are responsible for how you feel at any given time. Often the positive part of work is hidden and difficult to find, especially in those tasks which you hate doing. It is easy to avoid the tasks that you despise but if you are committed to achieving in life you need to find the positive in all you do. After all it’s your future!


Reward yourself for the work you do

Reward yourself for the work you do especially if it was a task that you hate but the you know is necessary.


Keep Learning new skills

Learning new skills is very beneficial for you both in the short run and long run. It will help to enhance your feeling of well being and keep your brain muscle exercised. New skills lead to new confidence in your ability to tackle tasks.


Complete what you set out to do

Don’t be a quitter. Complete what you started however tough the going gets. You will feel so great once you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Nothing is more convincing than this ultimate feeling of accomplishment. If you have this feeling, you can face anything.


Outsource what you really can’t stand doing

Why do you find a particular task interesting and at the same time, others ones really boring? Well it depends upon how you perceive things and what your attitude is regarding the task. If there is a task you simply hate to do see if you can outsource it. You may find someone else who loves to do what you hate to do.

About the Author: Mom of 3, & home business strategist, passionate about helping others fulfill their potential. She wants others to know that ‘whatever the passion follow it don’t ignore it’. There is always a way. Having overcome numerous challenges including moving many times between the USA & UK, & losing 2 homes in earthquake & flood Anne knows what it’s like to pick yourself up and keep going. You can overcome. Believe in yourself & know that you can do it.


Photo credit: Domiriel / Foter / CC BY-NC

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