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6 Flowers

Trying to go against all odds and fight unemployment, six sisters from Gaza; all university graduates took matters into their own hands and came up with their own project doing traditional Palestinian stitch work; becoming role models to what Arabian woman can achieve and aspire.


So who are the sisters and how did their idea come about?

Noor Shasha’ Computer Science from Al Azhar University

Nadreen Shasha’ Interior Decorator Al Aqsa University

Bodoor Shasha’ Social Worker Al Azhar University

Basma Shasha’ Social Science Al kuliya Univeristy

Aya Shasha’ Laboratory Student

Heba Shasha’ Law student

purse 2


The Beginning

From an early age we did stitch work, but it was on a small scale and just for our pleasure. After we all graduated from Universities and failed to get a job the idea evolved and we set goals to make something out of our talentWe started featuring our needle work in exhibitions and came up with the name of 6 Flowers. We created a page in a social media platform which helped our work to reach many around the world.


What are some challenges you faced in the beginning?DSC_6340

Most of the challenges where due to the siege on Gaza, whether it was from cutting electricity supply or closing off borders, which in turn affected us from getting the supplies we needed and delaying our schedules.

Another obstacle initially was selling our needle work in Gaza as there was abundance in the supply of such art from numerous women. And financially we had no funding from government sectors and we had to depend on our own means and family.

We found ways to overcome these obstacles and learned through experience what works best.


What message would you like to share with Arab woman worldwide?

First we would like to send a message to the Palestinian youth advising them not to confine themselves by their degrees and not let unemployment dampen their spirits, as we all have our unique talents and one should work on improving their skills and making the best of them.

As for the rest of the world we want to stress that we are hanging in there despite all what is going on in Gaza and we are fighting for this land and will never give up or surrender. We will continue to improve our talents and hope for our traditional Palestinian art to spread around the globe.

What are your future goals?

To have our work present in every Palestinian and Arab home. We also aim to open a center to train women especially widows and the unemployed on the traditional stitch work in Gaza. Additionally we are working on having the support of different divisions to help make more exhibits in and out of Gaza for this kind of needle work. We also dream of owning our own shop to sell our work in Gaza and later having other branches worldwide.



The 6 Flowers in a few lines

Noor Shasha’

Although I’m a university graduate in Computer Science and haven’t been able to land a job, I did not allow this to bring me down as I use my time wisely doing needle work and created a page to show case our products.

Nadreen Shasha’

I have made use of my experience as an interior designer to draw logos and drawings and such. I am also very creative when it comes to color coordination and this sets our needle designs apart from the rest.

Bodoor Shasha’

I do lots of volunteer work in our community and this helps in spreading our vision and idea and this gives me access to meet women and help train them.

Basma Shasha’

I work on stitching logos for institutions and companies and this plays an important role to put the light on us and gives us uniqueness.

Aya Shasha’

I have a passion to do Palestinian needle work and no matter how much I excel in my education I will never stop doing needle work.
Heba Shasha’

Although I am a law student but my studies will never stand in the way of my favorite hobby doing traditional needle work.


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