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6 Powerful Tips to Ignite Your Feminine Courage

By Martha Tassinari, Life Transitions Expert 
  • Are you going through a difficult life transition that seems to be depleting you physically, emotionally, spiritually,  and energetically?
  • Are you feeling disappointed, hurt, angry or afraid in a given situation as a result of someone else’s behavior?
  • Are you ready to tap into your own, power, strength and confidence?

The pathway to Feminine Courage is not without fear.  It is navigating this path from a place of curiosity and compassion rather from a place of feeling like a victim.  It is about moving forward in spite of the fear.

My favorite quote is from Brene Brown: (I highly recommend reading her book “The Gifts of Imperfection”)

“You Can’t Get To Courage Without Walking Through Vulnerability.”

It is when we allow ourselves to walk through the darkness that we discover our power of radiant inner light and connect to our true spirit.

What happens when the door of fear opens?  Our conditioned self or inner critic starts to surface with negative self talk or behavior.  This can present itself as fear, anxiety, stress, illness, or a healing crisis.  This is a sure sign that we are disconnected from our Spiritual Connection and our own true Spirit.

So how do we tap into our reservoir of courage?

  1. Awareness: The first step is to acknowledge and be aware of where you may be giving your power away.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
  • What is a situation that you are trying to control?
  • What is a situation where you are giving your power away?
  • What is a situation where you are afraid to speak your truth or have fear around setting a personal or emotional boundary?

To heal the situation, you first need to identify it with an honest heart.  Do this from a place of selflove and compassion.  Once you have written down how you are giving away your personal power, make a conscious decision to call back your Spirit and take back your Power!

  1. Courage: Create your Courage Statement.  This is a statement that is stated in the positive and be specific.  For example,  “I have the courage to speak up for myself when I’m at a family dinner.”
  2. Boundaries: Set a clear and specific boundary.  This is also stated in the positive.  What is a specific boundary that you can put into place that would feel supportive and empowering?
  3. Action Plan: What action step will you take and by what date.  Write out your action step and be specific on the date.(not 6 months from now!)  The sooner the better.  I challenge you to take action within the next 48 hours.
  4. The Gift: I truly believe that every event and situation that causes us to feel challenged in some way there is a gift in it.

Our deepest #wounds can be our greatest #gifts.


I know this statement can be tough to digest.  However, our struggles, challenges, and setbacks lead us to a new life path and direction.

It is not always easy seeing the gift while we are navigating through the emotional storm.  When we are able to see the gift, it creates peace, serenity, and we feel more grounded.  This allows us to step away from victimhood into empowerment.  Seeing the gift creates a major shift throughout our entire being.

So what is the gift in this for you?  It should be stated in the positive.  If you have difficulty seeing the gift, ask yourself “If there was a gift in it for me, what would it be?”

The above exercise can be a powerful tool in creating a positive shift in your life.

I’d love to hear from you!



Martha Tassinari, Founder and President of Holistic Life Transitions Institute.
It is her mission to help women passionately and courageously navigate through challenging life transitions so that they can step away from victimhood into empowerment and manifest their deepest vision of themselves and create a life full of joy, passion, and purpose.
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