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A Grievous Sin

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Few years back, I read a news article whose headline was that a young son beheaded his mother and dragged her body to the trash ‘because she nagged him about chores’. It was shattering to read the way a corrupted and spoilt son axed his mother to death. Had he forgotten the burden she tolerated for nine months, and the dear and soothing care she nursed to him when he was born? His act of crime has violated the “honor of motherhood”, and his grievous sin embodies the foul ways of a devil.

The very virtue of a woman is compassion, her dignity is in motherhood and her excellence is in tolerance.

How come this culprit son dishonored his mother’s virtuous post? Indeed, his barbaric crime stands as a “blot” in his destiny, and let God’s fair ordinance take its own course.

Of course, there are many ill-happenings where men, in high incivility, show partial and unruly behavior toward their mothers. And, with unfailing duty and strength, they regard their wives well. Let the “sons of their mothers” beware of this doctrine” “Before learning to love their wives, they must practice to obey their mothers.”

Verily, a woman who tolerates the burden of her womb needs to be referred in modest terms. At this stage, the Nature bestows her precious post of motherhood, which is too great and cannot be abused in lowly sight. Reason this, the status of a mother is something unique, which cannot be taken for granted but deserves proper dignity.

Let’s give this a thought: “How can this blessed element of nature become a wounded prey of its own progeny?”

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