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A Love Letter To Mom

By Velvet Haygood Woodly


Some of my fondest memories in life came from you mom. Some of the best lessons you taught me. Reading me books, giving me baths, saying prayers with me and doing my hair are a few of the memories I cherish. Love, security and encouragement is what you gave me my entire youth. Coming from that rocky childhood into an unfulfilling marriage, you were still able to be everything for me. Life was tough for you I know, but you were still the mother you never had. With one disappointment after another, I know you sometimes wanted to run away but you put me first everyday. Knowing how important stability and having a father was in my life you stayed, took care of me and watched me go off on my own.

Mom I can’t tell you enough how much I love you for that and for being such a selfless person. I was always tough on you for not being Claire Huxtable, that sophisticated, confident, career woman. While I really like that Claire Huxtable image, I want you to know that I love you more. Truly understanding why and how your troubled past shaped you into the person you are is what I had to do.

Because you weren’t the bread winner in the house, you were probably the least appreciated in our home. You weren’t ever given any credit for what you contributed and I am ashamed that it took this long for me to realize that. After seeing you with my child, I now appreciate you more. I appreciate you staying home with me. Everyday after school you were there. If I forgot my lunch money and called you from school, you brought it right to me. During the summers you were there when I woke, took me to extra curriculum activities and never left my side. Those memories now are so precious to me. I watch you take care of my child with such wisdom and love. Every suggestion you make and thing you do for her always seem to be just right and I now realize that was how you were in my life.

Knowing what kind of childhood you had, it is amazing how well you did. Growing up from the child with the broken spirit into the woman who would die for her own daughter is a journey many in your shoes wouldn’t have handled well. With so many unwanted kids in the world, what a blessing to have a loving mom in my life.

I’ve stopped being so hard on you. I realize that you are just woman. A woman like any other who is not flawless but do make mistakes. I don’t know what my life would have been like without you. I am the woman and mom I am today because of you. I honor you and want you to know that you are and always have been a strong, beautiful and brilliant woman, wife and mother.



About the Author: Velvet Haygood Woodly is an Atlanta entrepreneur, wife and mother of daughter, Simone, born in 2006. She is also the owner of an online baby and mommy boutique, and an online health and wellness store,







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