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A Poetic Tale From Nature

Descending sun touches the horizon line westward. From a distance the moon observes sunset.

When the sun falls down and goes to way away.

The youngsters play the riddle: “Where does the sun disappear, in the sea or down the valley?”

This riddle is still unsolved ever since the creation of earth.

This is not the only puzzle:  “So what is the color of twilight is it red or orange?” Cannot, distinguish.

From far-off the moon in the sky is ready now to enlighten the planet with its glittery shine.

In that small village, a thirteen year-old girl; has no father, no brother, and no sister; she only has her mother. Night by night, the mother and daughter, both fall asleep in one another’s arms.

Next morning the sun comes back.

This little daughter goes out to the prairie, a daily ritual it has become. As years pass by she could form a companion with nature; she even could sing with birds, scroll with ladybirds and collect daffodils.

One day she was followed by a stray dog; she stood still, the dog approached her, and she reached out and patted his head. From then on she was certain that the dog will be her companion. As a matter of fact she was hoping every morning to see him there. A sort of relationship evolved between her and the dog, their friendship became a conversation, she discloses while the dog sits still staring at nowhere, she believed that the dog not just listens to her concerns but even talking back at times

Like most things even this unique friendship had to come to an end. As his shepherd stumbled upon and announced excitedly: “Maxi there you are!” The shepherd and sheep were happy to find their lost dog! The dog didn’t even look behind to say goodbye to the girl. Since then the girl felt so sad and lonelier as she lost her companion, but never did she give up hope that one day her only friend will make his way back to her.


This little girl carried on touring the lands. Finding herself lost in the conversations of nature echoing in her head, not aware of when these sounds started but she believed she hears rabbits murmur, sheep mumble, and a valley calling the mountain to go upward; she even could hear the sun speaking to the moon. Could this be real or is it all in her mind? She listened intently while the sun spoke to the moon,

“Moon you don’t know what you are missing during daylight, when I glow over Earth I watch over everything that happens near and far”.

Waiting to hear the moon’s reply; moon pauses and then says:

“Hum: oh what do I miss you sun”? The girl tries to listen; she is hearing something; the arrogant sun declares:

“In daytime my rays shine fields, landscapes and meadows. Daily the peasants from neighboring villages gather to collect veggies, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash; on other fields the farmers to farm wheat and barley. How nice to watch they plough the soil then spread the seeds then sing when harvest is due.

The sun continues, “Sunflowers lift up their heads towards me, track and follow me. The corncobs hide between its long leaves when it flourishes it is collected and kids run to the market to buy them.

One of my days by day duty is to dry the laundry, I know and women know too, how good I am in drying wet clothes with the help of my best assistant the air.

While the girl is still listening to the dialogue, she says to herself:

“My mother before hanging my outfits she watches the sun especially in winter she evaluates, Is it hot enough or cold?

“Mama, will we hang the wet garments out today?”

“No mama the sun today is shy”.

“What do you mean Mama?”

In oriental proverb “the sun is shy” “ it is said when the sun is not warm, the sun is known as the cold sun; when the sun is hides behind the clouds  we say the sun  is shy to come out”.

The girl laughs:

“Mama how many proverbs you know describing the sun?’

At a time you tell me “the sun could not be covered with the sieve”, and on another occasion you say “Things are as clear as sun” we can never hide facts that are as obvious as the sun.”

The girl listens closer, as the sun continues its dialogue with the moon and adds,

“When my ray is so hot at midday I feel that I overwhelm the sand and space, peasants leave the fields, and lay under the shade of trees”.

“Then at the end of the day, when I am about to leave to shine somewhere else, it darkens, children leave the playgrounds and go inside their homes”.

It is the end of another day; at length the sun had just gone down. Where to? A Mystical Phase.

… So it’s night … now it’s the moon’s turn.


The moon at present is curious to see the village the sun spoke of.

The moon is watching the old house at the distance; the mother puts off the lamp oil, and in her open arms embraces her daughter, while the moon’s light overtakes the room.

Mother embracing her child … tells her of faraway tales…it is then that her daughter feels tenderness, love, and warmth…quietly she falls asleep.

It is deep in the night, the moon peers upon the girl and her mother; it cries softly studying the scene.

A brilliant star passing in the sky; the star understands why the moon is so sad.

Moon is aching for a mother, a mother to embrace him, to cuddle him, and to kiss him…exactly like the rural girl.

Without talking to him, the star goes away into space; she travels towards other stars and spread the story of the lonesome moon.

No wonder as there is only one moon in the sky.

The next night and shortly before midnight, the star returned accompanied with all the other stars. Large and small they surround the moon, the guardian star says, “Don’t be sad you moon! You will not be alone hereafter and per this night”. The daughter star added, “It is true we cannot be a sister or a mother, but still we will be your friends”.

Thereafter the stars befriended the moon; touring together freely in the skies, backwards and forwards…the moon shines… the stars sparkle.

But in winter when the villagers close windows and doors tightly hiding behind the gates protecting themselves from cold and rain; nature changes its colors.

Time will come, the moon too should go away as well as the stars.


Wonder where? Behind the clouds or gone after the sun? Another mystery!

Deep winter nights deprive the mother and her daughter from seeing the moon and his companion stars. The moon is also deprived from the black clouds from watching over mother and daughter sitting around the fireplace.

At night the girl whispers to her mother, “Mama why I am always alone? I have no sibling, that is why I feel so melancholy?”

“The moon is lonesome too” replies the mother, while she sighs and goes to her own night dreams.

Parallel to this and during the entire winter the moon longs for intimacy and rapport that is formed between him and the small family. Something he evermore is missing and longing for, something that cannot be fulfilled even though he is surrounded with his friends the stars. Moon has no choice but to wait.

Written By: Rouquia Alami


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