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A Powerful Photography Exhibition by Michel C. Zoghzoghi

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Michel C. Zoghzoghi’s “A Vanishing World” photography exhibition’s opening night draws crowds at RIRA Gallery in DIFC

Persuasive compositions of predators in natural environment highlight need for conservation

“A Vanishing World”, a powerful photography exhibition of predators in their natural habitat by wildlife photographer Michel C. Zoghzoghi opened yesterday, October 28th 2015, at the RIRA Gallery in DIFC’s Gate Village District Building No. 3.

Zoghzoghi has received an award from The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards (HIPA) in 2012. His exclusive collection of shooting wildlife animals in their home environment is displayed in his true work of art over the past few years.

The opening night unveiled a collection of images bringing to vivid life the magnificence of predators, and also their inherent vulnerability. The reception, attended by Zoghzoghi, attracted a crowd of 380 plus enthusiasts.

“I’m pleased with the reception these photos have received. I want to show how magnificent predators and the nature they live in are. But I also want to alert people to the fact that every species portrayed here is endangered and many are on the brink of extinction. I want everyone who looks at these images to feel the urge to do something about it,” Zoghzoghi said.

Since picking up a lens 10 years ago, Zoghzoghi’s photographic focus has been on exploring the world’s endangered species. His work brings into stark relief the magnificent diversity of planet Earth against how many species are precariously poised on the verge of fading out of existence entirely.

“It was fantastic to see such a great response to the opening night of “A Vanishing World”. Michel’s photographs offer a window into a world not everyone has the opportunity to see. Our earth is a place of so much beauty and rhythm, and I hope his work will show viewers the brilliance of the planet’s wildlife, and encourage the protection of their habitat,” said RIRA Gallery’s Founder and Director Parisa Davarkia.

A Vanishing World will run at the RIRA Gallery till November 12th 2015.


Michel & RIRA Team (1)
Micheal & RIRA Team

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