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Dr. Lubna Atoui Majzoub on Ahidha Al Bissar Charitable Organization

Arab Woman Platform conducted an interview with the Vice President of Ahidha Al Bissar Charitable Organization Dr. Lubna Atoui Majzoub to find out more about their organization and the meaningful work they do,

How did the idea for the orphanage come about?

The idea of the orphanage Ahidha Al Bissar was kicked off with the worsening political and security crisis in the Arab world with the enormous increase of orphaned children and the inability of government departments in providing adequate care services for them.

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Who is it named after?

The organization bears the name of the late Ahidha Al Bissar; mother of the renowned businessman Mr. Kamel Al Zarka owner of “FALCON GROUP” ,  he is the founder and financier of the charitable organization, and the name came in honor of his mother’s  memory.

What are some of the goals and mission of the orphanage?

The management of Ahidha Al Bissar adopts an integrated strategy for social intervention aimed at providing basic humanitarian services for orphaned children from housing, food, clothing and medical services, education and entertainment, all at a desired high quality standards.

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What are some of the services provided for the children through the orphanage?

Management seeks to secure a set of basic caring services, including:

  • A secure mental-health care for orphans under the supervision of social workers and educators.
  • Provide medical care of periodic checkups and vaccines, medicines and treatments that are necessary under the supervision of a specialized medical team.
  • Provide educational services ranging from primary school right up to university level, in addition to organizing the ranks of teachers support and training sessions in the evening, according to the latest methods and curricula.
  • Provide a variety of recreational activities, trips and visits to educational, recreational and sports activities and summer camps.

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Dealing with orphaned children what are some of the obstacles that are faced and how are they overcome?

Some of the obstacles that we face when dealing with some of the orphaned children is dealing with their family background from which they come from, as their backgrounds are of disintegration and fragmentation and lack of sound education, and this is reflected negatively on the children’s behavior and social hygiene and social conversion. And such issues are dealt with through education, awareness programs and close follow up by surrogate mothers sessions and general supervision.

Can you share a story about one of the children that stands out in your mind?

In fact I am reminded of several stories,   tragedies that can be displayed in films, stories about suffering of children during the war and watching the murder of their parents with their own eyes, and other stories of their journey of escape, wounded, to Lebanon, in the trenches, or through rivers. .

Some stories affect ethical conduct and are rather immoral, including the story of an eight year old child that was raped by her father who went missing after the fighting in Syria, and was believed to be among the dead, and then reappeared after a while, and came to our organization to regain the girl, she had a nervous breakdown when she saw her father, and we had to subject her to psychological treatment.

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How are children accepted in the orphanage?

To take in an orphan the organization’s management provides a number of basic conditions including, the age of the child between 3 and 12 years, to be an orphan of one or both parents (with the death certificate of the father or the mother), to be free from any physical or mental disabilities, and should have obtained all necessary identification papers.

How does the orphanage help children to develop to become active members of society?

The organization adopts a strategic scheme that seeks to provide formal education to children in the first stage and appropriate vocational training in a second phase in light of the children’s desires and mental abilities, to ensure they have suitable future employment opportunities in order to integrate them into society and achieve social safety.

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What is next for the orphanage?

At the moment the organization seeks to build a modern home for orphaned children, taking into account the construction of all health-social conditions that are laid down in social welfare institutions, a property has been bought already specifically for this.

The organization has facilitated an architectural competition for the best design of the new project in collaboration with the Association of Engineers in Tripoli, and the winners earned admirable prizes and shields of Honor, indicating that the competition is the first of its kind in the city of Tripoli, therefor the Corporal of the Engineers Association presented an honorary shield for the organization and an acknowledgement card for Mr. Kamel Al Zarka.

For more info http://www.ahidaelbissar.org/index.php


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