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Amena Khan An Inspirational Woman


Energetic, motivated, and inspirational is how one would describe the 30 year old British Amena Khan. Her passion for fashion and deep faith has led her to a successful career in Islamic fashion design.

Being raised as a faithful Muslim Amena thought about wearing the hijab, she adds, “I decided to wear the hijab in my twenties, after re-discovering my faith, and more specifically, the spiritual elements of my faith. In the beginning it was a struggle in some ways, having to explain to my co-workers and deal with their reactions. However on the whole it is a positive experience when interacting with others.”

Amena started out in October 2009 when she posted her first hijab tutorial on YouTube to share with friends and soon after her video gained popularity by other viewers. Realizing there is a demand she began posting different hijab tutorials on YouTube and started a fan base which steered her in the direction of Islamic fashion design.
After popular demand Amena launched her online hijab store Pearl Daisy, “I launched Pearl Daisy after viewers saw and wanted to purchase my design, the Hoojab, which is a hijab with a hood on it.” When we asked Amena where she gets her inspiration from? She answered,” The world around me, often nature, books and what I find beautiful.”

Amena admits that time management is key in keeping her business running smoothly, “I make a lot of lists! Prioritizing, organizing and structuring helps a lot, in my spare time if ‘spare time’ means not working, then I spend time with my family.”

One cannot deny that Amena has become a house hold name to thousands, yet she remains humble, “I’m just an average person who happens to have been able to connect with others on a social media platform. I thank God that I am able to work doing something that I love.  I pray that God enables some good to come from the work that I do online.”

Amena uses her popularity to help raise awareness and support different causes such as Syria and Palestine, she adds, “Palestine is very close to my heart. We work with various charities to bring awareness to the work that they do.”

Amena’s ambition still moves forward she has a lot of ideas and pray they will come to fruition. Her advice to other women wanting to start their own business is to seek knowledge on the practical sides of business so one isn’t taken by unexpected surprises later on. Her Motto in life is, “If you really, REALLY want to do something, you’ll do it. No excuses.”

Amena ended her interview saying, “Thank you for including me in your magazine, and please keep me in your dua’s.”

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