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Aqua Exercises for Elderly Women 

By: Rouquia Alami

“According to Wikipedia: Aqua aerobics (waterobics, aquatic fitness, aquafitness, aquafit) is the performance of exercise in fairly shallow water such as in a swimming pool. Done mostly vertically and without swimming typically in waist deep or deeper water, it is a type of resistance training. Aqua aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise that requires water-immersed participants. Most aqua aerobics is in a group fitness class setting with a trained professional teaching for about an hour. The classes focus on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music. Different forms of water aerobics include: aqua Zumba, water yoga, aqua aerobics, and aqua jog”.

To see aqua aerobics on reality I visited one of the women’s swimming pools in Amman City; what attracted my attention finding out that most of the students vary from middle aged to elderly level. I was impressed the way they interacted and responded correctly to the movements they were asked to do by their leader; remarkably lively spirits, enjoyable entertainment and joy.

I met Mme. Amina Kilani, originally from Turkey, very long ago resided Amman after marrying to a Jordanian.

Amina is in her mid sixties, showed great passion in the class, responded to every movement the trainer asked her to undergo. Over and above corrected mates if they did wrong movements.

I asked Amina who is a remarkable trainee in the aqua class: “what was the purpose of choosing aqua for her activities?”

“I joined swimming and aqua exercises not only for fun and interact with new friends, but also for health benefits;

She added: “when I started playing aqua with the teacher I came here with a walking crutch, now my muscles are stronger and I walk alone without any support. Choosing this type of  exercise suited me; after all my children got married and left the house, I started concentrating on my health and to be involved with fitness activities; since God loves me I am now more in love with myself, nodding her head with a big smile: “why not!”

According to aqua-aerobics: a site focusing on fitness through water in particular for women, they introduced the benefits of aerobics in water as follows:

“Water supports the body, puts less stress on the joints and muscles; in addition it is a great support for older women especially those who are suffering from an injury or recovering from illness, since Water pressure helps the heart move blood around the body, putting less strain on it.”

Since the impact of gravity is less in the water this allows a greater range of motion; working out in water can also prevent overheating, helping exercise for longer. Over and above it is fun and one could say that it is not often about a workout.

Victoria Somova coach and aqua trainer at the Gym I visited; answered my queries about this sort of physical fitness, and wrote this:


victoria Aqua Aerobics-Arab Woman Platform
Victoria, Aqua Instructor in Amman Jordan

“My name is Victoria; I was born in Ukraine and received my education in the capital, Kiev. I’ve been living in Amman, the capital of Jordan for twenty years now, fifteen out of them I spent working as a swimming and aqua-aerobics instructor.

At the moment, I’m working at a healthcare spa in Amman. I love my job, I mostly instruct middle-aged and old ladies, which are the majority of the customers visiting the spa. They only ever think of swimming when they realize they have multiple health problems, especially after they visit a doctor who instructs them to swim, most of them being the ones who spend their lives caring for their families while completely ignoring their own health.

Additionally, I also help them psychologically, I teach them to live in harmony with their bodies, seeing as how your body is a gift given to you by the almighty, you have to learn how to love your body and listen to its wishes. Using my own methods I teach my students how to relax, love and trust water.

The health problems my students suffer from vary from spinal cord problems to knee problems, neck pain, shoulder problems as well as overflowing liquids in the body, and much more. The exercises I give are especially for these types of problems.

The exercises are really simple and easy to do while being very effective, they are done with a fixed rhythm of breathing, a lot of the students get over their psychological problems and worries during the exercise.

Any lady suffering from bodily problems can do the exercises since they are done in the water, because water doesn’t apply any strain on the heart or the joints. Additionally, being in water always gives you a light massage, which is why those who regularly do water exercises almost don’t feel any strains, their health improves and their psychological state improves.

As far as burning calories goes, thirty minutes of exercising in water equals an hour of gym exercises! My water exercises are an absolutely modern method, and I plan on expanding it further, I plan on doing a program in which I would give exercises for a certain problem each week, each one with its own suitable breathing methods.

My students enjoy my exercises and happily attend them continuously. I also plan on establishing my own school focused around improving health and curing illness, because I know that my purpose and duty are to teach people, especially ladies, how to open up and feel who they truly are. Since I’m not only an instructor, I’m also a psychologist, a dietician, a reincarnation consultant, a Reiki master and I work with energies of high frequencies. Additionally, I also attend healing sessions with the help of Atlantic energy, as well as the energy of ancient Egypt, and I’m a physiotherapist and a cosmetologist.

I’ve been working with the human body, face and skin on a physical and psychological level for quite a long time, I’m always striving to learn more and advance further into all of this.

If you are having any problems and are willing to get out of your current comfort zone to change your life for the better, I’ll be more than happy to help you get there.”

While I was thanking Amina and Victoria for their feedback on this sort of exercises, (may be still not very popular in the Arab World), a young student from Victoria Class and practice swimming with Amina, asked me: “Why you only interviewed an old lady to tell you her experience with Aqua and not a young member?”

I explained that young people class may practice and play different activities because young body can make it easily; but senior women -due to old age- face health problems related and need special programmes to ease their pain and body complaints. For that reason this drove me to focus on their needs and concerns; finding out that aqua is the most suitable for this category in the society.


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