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Are You Here?

By Mira Khatib


Are you here? Here in the moment that is? Many people are either stuck in the past or planning for the future. People who are stuck in their past keep replaying old scenarios time and time again, going nowhere, and changing nothing. It feels like those people are looking in the back view mirror while driving, imagine doing that all the time being on the road, it is extremely dangerous, not just for the one driving but for others around as well. As not focusing ahead will surly lead to an accident, even a fatal one.  Not overcoming the past deprives one from what’s ahead, how can anyone move forward if they are chained and being pulled backwards? One has to learn to let the past go, take from it valuable lessons that will help you advance, once you free yourself from the long ago it will give you a sense of satisfaction, and serenity and give you the necessary liberty to move onward.

The other side of the spectrum, are those who live in their future, the planners, too busy thinking ahead believing that once they reach that goal whatever it may be, they will be able to slow down and enjoy themselves and appreciate life. It is not wrong to plan your tomorrows however if all your focus and sense of achievement and happiness comes from something that is still in the unknown then you are depriving yourself from living life to the fullest. It is just like that person in the driving seat, but although now not looking in the rear view mirror, his attention is far ahead not noticing what is close by, again this can be dangerous.

Take a moment now, this very minute and slow down, breathe, look around, really see things around you. Listen to the sounds or even the silence, find your peace, and enjoy your now. For the present is your truth, unlike something that is past and gone and not worth clinging on to, or like something that is still far reached resembling a mirage. The moment you are living in now is worth grasping and taking advantage of to the fullest, after all it is your life, your reality your certainty.

Stop, become aware, take in the experience and smile, for this is your existence.

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  1. I have been living in the past and regretting things.. it chained me completely that I could not enjoy all the good things and the so many blessing I have .. thanks to my best friend who helped me to open my eyes and appreciate what I have and could not see.. live the moment !.. xox

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