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Are You Tired of Obesity, Hungry for Junk Food?

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


We have become avid, good eaters instead of seriously thinking about the drawbacks of obesity. Can we effectively lose weight while being unmindful of our eating habits?

When we become shapeless, with tummy and thigh fats, and feel the uneasiness by unfitting clothes, we hastily opt for baggy attire…going for extra large sizes and feeling satisfied as if we’ve found some timely booty for our bothering obesity. And we never think of avoiding eating the wrong sorts of food, and any moment we feel hungry we become ready to fulfill our cravings either at our homes or at any lavish fast-food restaurant or traditional eatery.

We give no heed to others’ comments about our weight gain, and when we hear creeping remarks from our wives that we are losing our manly charm, with excess weight or becoming more bulging at all sides or funnily we look awkward next to them, then we immediately bolster our conscience to gauge what’s happening, and with more magnitude, we think of what strategy that can be best applied for weight loss.

How about consulting physician or dietician for any worthwhile weight loss program? O, no, the very silly thought that they’ll rob off your wallet comes to our minds. Also, forget about late evening jogging after hectic office work…that’s impractical and waste of time to keep encircling the walking zone, with our clothing drenched in smelly, salty sweat and feeling lethargic with heat and hunger. Then, what could be the best remedy to burn-out excess body fats, kick out obesity and trim down our bodies to a handsome look?

Well, after building our obese bodies, we rightly think of buying treadmills…and that, to our judgment, sounds the right investment. Buy it, unload it, and fit it somewhere, in the corner side, in your spacious hall. Why vainly worry about enrolling yourself with yearly membership at any fitness club when all you need is treadmill in your home? Nothing cumbersome…and you can enjoy chatting with your wife while strolling on your own treadmill.

While we think of escaping from obesity, and do exercise on our own, then it is better that we do it in a right manner. Walking briskly on the treadmill in an air-conditioned room makes no sense. Or little burning of fats and clinging to our overeating habits is too irrational. What’s the use when we stick to our exercise schedules all the days and on the weekends we look for some good restaurant to relish appetizing, sugar-high fatty or junk meals? Shouldn’t we focus more on a balanced diet, good walking and calm sleep for a healthy lifestyle?

Now, the real hurdle for obese people comes when they have pestering companions like diabetes, blood pressure, or cholesterol levels. Instead of preferring their own categories of food, it’s better they follow simple prescriptions from a licensed dietician. Yes, they’ll best chart out what’s refreshing and best for breakfast, what’s worthwhile and delicious for lunch and what’s light and healthy for dinner.

If at all we wish to become more health conscious and lead a healthy life, then we ought to know the very specific list of beneficial and unsafe foods from either doctors or dieticians. Googling on your own for some information and doctoring yourself with remedies will be a sheer debacle. You know what…you’ll harm your body with anything austere diet or by overeating wrong types of food.


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