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Arrogance, Ego And Revenge

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Perhaps, in this passing world, the subject of utmost priority should be ‘how relations can be formed, cherished and continued well to make an exposure of pleasant and virtuous lives’.

Let’s talk about human bond that describes us in our personal, workplace and social lives. Everywhere at some junction, we get in rapport with others, and it’s not possible that we become totally cut-off, aloof and distort our relations.

In simple, we interact, out of sheer necessities and human tendency, with others, and over a period we build up a ligament of trust that keeps the relationship in permanence.

In the absence of this trust, our bonds become weaker, and sometimes we behave like hypocrites, abusing and insulting others.

What a loathsome situation when members of a family take up their arrogance, fall into conflicts and harbor enmity! For them, it becomes easier to utter, “Go away from here, we don’t like to see your face again.”

When hostility gushes in blood, then fools drag themselves in conflicts, instead of looking for harmonious solution.

Very often, we find people, who profess truthfulness doing more harm to others by their malicious talks and hurtful actions. By looks, they are impressive, but by actions they differ. Ugh…when relationships get tattered, hearts go in division and feelings of hatred erupt, then it’s utter disgrace and embarrassing.

It’s funny at workplaces where employees work in silos, disconnected from others and unmindful to talk to each other.

It’s simple to discipline children when they become notorious.  But what to do when grown-ups become sarcastic and wicked?

People rejoice in hiring their compatriots and treasured allies, and despise others, with racist sentiments, and kick them off, from their jobs. Oh…this is inhumane, irrational behavior and clear tyranny!

How formless vile emotions and feelings disfigure human attitude and disrupt human affairs! Some by dignity, some by wealth and some by their ego stir arrogance. When arrogance becomes the norm in the culture, then who cares love, goodness, simplicity or honesty. With discordant hearts, thinking of patching up ties for peace is vain because every nasty person clings to his own ego and spews fake interpretations.

Like chemical equations when human traits mingle, in variations, then the outcome is either manifest attitude or concealed feelings. We are human beings, with all goodness and virtues; and, on the contrary, with all scathing arrogance, sightless ego and vicious revenge, we become non-sensical creatures, with more mayhem to display fleeting dominance on this earth.

Well, undeniably, the world is becoming sophisticated, with disruptive technologies, digital transformation and wealth of ease and resources. But, on a large scale, people need to learn the genuine art of blissful living, and away from all perverseness, they have to embrace all goodness and shun the very spiteful thoughts of revenge.

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