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Ask Andrea

Ask Andrea

Do you have any relationship issues or concerns? Send your questions in to Andrea Marchon our relationship expert.

Andrea Marchon holds a degree in Psychology and conducts seminars on self-esteem and personality development.


saddMy wife is suffering from depression and it’s affecting our marriage, I am not sure how to handle the situation or make things better. Please advice. Samer. H.

Dear Samer,

Depression has various reasons. It stems from situations that you might least expect. You need to provide the utmost care and understanding towards one that is going through a psychological problem as their minds are very fragile thus making them highly susceptible to doing or saying or behaving in absurd ways. You need to get to the root of the problem which takes a lot of patience and time. Sit her down and very lovingly ask her what is bringing this on. It will obviously take many such sittings but you have got to do it if you really want to help.

Just a word of caution though, remember that you are not a trained personnel to deal with such cases as they need to be handled differently. I strongly suggest that if you don’t make headway, please seek professional help at the earliest.

If by chance you do manage to make a breakthrough and get to know what has led to this then get her out of it gradually by being there for her in every sense of the word, by indulging her in things she likes to do, taking her on holidays as a change in environment helps a great deal. Distract her or involve her in something she enjoys. Do what makes her happy so as to regain her self-confidence, self-esteem and her faith in you and your love. This takes time so please be very cautious and patient. I do wish you all the very best and hope she snaps out of it for the good of you both.


man1I admit I am the jealous type. I don’t know how to control myself. I question my wife’s where abouts all the time, I check her phone, and I even hacked her e-mail. I am in constant fear that I will discover her cheating on me, the thought drives me insane…I can’t stand to lose her.  Rami K.

Dear Rami,

I would like to ask you if you really truly love her and want this to be a ” forever ,till death do us apart ” or do you want to kill it prematurely? Your nature and behavior is seriously scary. You need professional help and you need it as soon as possible. Remember that the mind is so very powerful and what you are doing is willing for a hopeless situation by just thinking it. Your thoughts are sending out negative vibes that are stemming unknowingly from your very fertile mind. It’s not at all a good thing.

Imagine her finding out, it will destroy what you have forever. The basis for a strong and lasting relationship Is TRUST and very clearly you have issues with that. Please Rami get help ASAP in order to sustain a happy and stress free relationship. You’re in urgent need of some serious counselling. You are solely responsible for your insanity. It won’t be long before you lose it all and not just your mind. ACT QUICK.  Good Luck to you.




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