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The Perfect One

By Suha Abdelqader   I am the perfect one! You never had to sleep next to my frustrations, Then wake up to my mood swings You never worried about providing for me, because a “selected” “occasional” gift went a long way; And you never had to keep a brave face, On the contrary, you showed me your weakness willingly   …

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Arab Woman Platform: Beacon Of Hope For Women Around The World

Written by Jelena Zoric Mira Khatib, a published author, award winning poet and activist for women rights took it a step further in helping others. She co-founded an initiative for women empowerment, called Arab Woman Platform. As it’s Editor-in-Chief she and her team help women globally to live better and achieve their goals. Working on this platform Mira had the …

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New Year, New You: 5 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Experts from the New Atkins Lifestyle have identified lack of will power, unhealthy eating habits, and procrastination as primary roadblocks to a healthier lifestyle As we approach the New Year, people are busy planning their lifestyle goals for 2017. Every January starts with plenty of optimism, but sometimes, as the year progresses, people lose momentum along the way. According to …

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Women’s Voices Now Film Festival

Women’s Voices Now Reel from Women’s Voices Now on Vimeo.   Women’s voices continue to be globally underrepresented in mainstream media. That’s why Women’s Voices Now (WVN) hosts an annual Online Film Festival for films and filmmakers interested in exposure and advocacy of global women’s rights issues. We promote and amplify the free expression of the worldwide struggle for women’s …

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From Social Media, With Love

  By Lina Al-Khoury, Social Activist   Since the new “Big Bang” installed itself in our daily lives, people tend to be obsessed with “stalking” everyone and posting their personal issues on social media. It became a transactional process of giving and taking personal information about everyone, creating a way to killing doubt and proving facts. The credibility given to …

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