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“Be An Icon” – The Power of Visualizing

February 7th 2017 – Inline with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the “year of giving” in the UAE, commenced the fourth session of  “Be an Icon” series that promotes “paying it forward” concept,  with the opening question: where do you see yourself in 30 years?  asked by Ms. Salma Sakhnini; Founder & Managing Director of ICON Training and Coaching Consultancy,  that took place in The Address Dubai Mall.

After last month’s session that explored how to let go of things that are not serving us and having new intentions and new vision for this new year, it is the perfect question to help one move forward and let go of limiting beliefs.

Ms. Salma asked the audience to draw a visual of how they wish their lives to be like in 30 years, which stirred up an eye opening engagement. Some struggled to visualize the future, as feeling it takes away from living in the present moment. “It is usually easier to visualize and plan for business but when it comes to our personal life it becomes more challenging to do so.” added Ms. Salma.

A member in the audience stated that he believes, to move forward one must make peace with the past, and consciously live the moment and plan for the future.

One must be aware of the language we use to communicate to ourselves, as many times we set limitations on ourselves as we act from a fear paradigm, instead of acting from a duty, achievement or integrity paradigm.

“Real change happens with your beliefs. If you want real change then you must change your limiting beliefs. To do that one must reflect and discover what these beliefs are, and to move forward you then must create consistent new habits to get you to where you want.”  commented Ms. Salma.

So how do you change your beliefs? The saying seeing is believing may be true, but what is really powerful is: believing is seeing. It must start with an acute vision, one must be able to visualize what they desire and truly believe in it becoming a reality. Whatever you do internally would be achieved externally.

Most of the time we are on “automatic” not giving ourselves the time to think of the “why’s and how’s”, writing and journaling is a very important tool for success; a habit done daily by most successful people. One should take the time to write down their dreams, desires, and thoughts and be able to reflect on them.

Ms. Salma ended the session by pointing out that having the ability to be curious and challenge oneself is key to growing and moving forward. “You don’t serve anyone by being fearful and playing it small, break down the barriers that hold you back, dream big as when you elevate you elevate everyone else around you.”

Next month the “Be An Icon” series will continue to be the platform to bring together like-minded people that inspire and learn from one another, pledging to benefit someone in some way towards success. March’s session will explore basic needs and how to tackle obstacles and communication with others and relationships.

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