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Because of Sara – Part 3


By Dana Husam Abdullah


November 5, 2013

“Your mother told me what you decided! Why won’t you consider accepting Zaid’s proposal?” Sawsan’s father yelled at her, as soon as she came home from the PR firm she worked at. She hadn’t gotten a chance to change out of her suit or even put the briefcase down. “He is from a respectable family. He has a good career and will provide you with the life your mother and I want you to have.”

“I told you, dad, I don’t want to be somebody’s wife,” she responded calmly, bracing herself for yet another fight while gently putting down the briefcase. “Someone asking me where I am, where I’m going, how much to cook and when to cook it, to wax the floor daily and tidy up after them. That’s what these men are like, Dad. No thank you!”

“You—Can—Get—A— Maid!” His face was beet red.

“You know how I feel about maids. And all that crap aside, I don’t want children,” she declared, and collapsed onto the sofa. When will her mother be back from the supermarket? Sawsan needed someone to back her up. “These men, they’ll want children.”

“Of course you will have children,” her father said, the volume of his voice decreasing, which was not a good sign. “You will not deprive me of grandchildren.”

“Dad, I don’t want to spend my life dealing with the problems of a bunch of little people. Even when they’re not so little, I’ll still have to be responsible for them until they’re adults. And beyond, even. It’s too much. It’s just too much.” She rubbed her eyes. “And what if some of them are born with diseases? Handicapped? Autism?”

He opened his mouth to reply, but she interrupted him.

“The world’s population is skyrocketing; I do not need to contribute to that. No, I’m not done. There’s more. I have so much to do, so many goals and so little time. Kids would hold me back.”


“Children are also a financial drain, Dad, you know that. The world is increasingly becoming more expensive to live in. Why would I need that kind of stress that would send me earlier to the grave?” She examined his face, but his expression was still stern. “I have given you plenty of reasons for the choice I’m making.”

“You will come to regret this, Sawsan.”

“I really don’t think I will.”


To be continued…

“Because of Sara” is a short story that will be published in parts.  To find out what happens next read part 4  coming soon.

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