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Because of Sara – Part 4


By Dana Husam Abdullah


October 15, 2011

“Well, Doctor Marwa,” Sawsan fidgeted with the strap of her handbag while the gynecologist examined the x-rays. “Are my polycystic ovaries the only reason for my irregular periods, or is there something else?”

“Sawsan, according to your file, you’re twenty one,” Doctor Marwa stated. “When did you get your first period?”

“When I was thirteen.”

“And you’ve never felt pain?”

“I did,” Sawsan replied, growing increasingly worried. “I sometimes skipped school from the intensity of my cramps.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t had checked sooner. Did you know you have a retroverted uterus?” She showed her the x-ray photos to see.

Sawsan could feel her heart drum faster.

The doctor said, “a tilted uterus is-”

“I won’t ever be able to carry a child. Right? That, on top of my PCOS? I won’t- I won’t ever be a mom.”

The doctor took a breath. “Well, my dear, lots of miracles happen for many women. There are many treatments available. When the time comes, you could keep trying.”

Sawsan brushed away a tear.

“It’s okay. I think I never want to have a baby,” Sawsan heard her own voice quiver.

“I’ve seen medical miracles in my many years of practice. Don’t despair. Really, optimism is the best form of medicine there is.”

Lies. How naïve does she think I am? Sawsan took a tissue and blew her nose.

“You will feel better. Talk to your mother and your father about this.”

No way. Maybe she could tell her mother, but never her dad. She pictured his face. He would be devastated. His friends are all grandfathers already, and he adores children.

“It’s really fine, Doctor, because I think deep down, I never planned to start a family after meeting Mr. Right anyway. Deep down, I’d be content to live childless until the end of my days. Maybe it’s just not meant to be.” Sawsan was uncertain as to whether she was talking to the doctor or to herself.


To be continued…

“Because of Sara” is a short story that will be published in parts.  To find out what happens next read part 4  coming soon.

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Photo credit: Wendy Longo photography via / CC BY-ND

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