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Because of Sara – Part 7


By Dana Husam Abdullah

September 24, 2015

It was just after four. Sawsan tapped her foot impatiently.

Around an hour earlier, one of the maids emerged to talk to the maid from C1 briefly, and then went back inside. Before she closed the door, she gaped at Sawsan and at the dog.

A burkha attracts so much attention onto whomever is wearing it, but isn’t it supposed to do the opposite?

The nanny finally emerged, with the two youngest kids. Sawsan’s heart danced.

The two kids were in tiny hats, and their cheeks turned rosy from the intensity of the heat. The nanny set Sara onto the grass, where she wobbled and fell, cried a little, and then picked up what seemed to be a worm. Adham ran around energetically, climbing on top of the edges of the water fountain and benches, while the nanny tried to keep up with him.

She’s too busy keeping Adham safe to pay much attention to Sara. It’s now or never.

Sawsan hugged Punchy. “You’ve been a good friend to me. I’ll miss you.”

Glad she never let Nadia know that she bought a Rottweiler, she ruffled his head. She glared at the nanny while whispering to him, “Go get her, boy.”

Punchy ran, and the music blaring from C4 mingled with the nanny’s screams, Adham’s cries, and the blender from one of the other neighbor’s kitchen window.

Sawsan swiftly scooped up Sara, muffled her mouth, while the little one thrashed. She ran outside the perimeters of the garden to her car, belted the resistant girl into the car-seat, her hands miraculously steady as she buckled her up, and hopped into the driver’s seat.

She drove away while Sara wailed.

“Sara, honey, shh,” Sawsan crooned. “No baby, mommy will take care of you. Oh yes, she will. You and I will have so much fun. I will also make sure you grow up to be well-educated. Do you know what that means? But you won’t put career first like that bad woman Nadia, who we’ll never mention again. Hush now, angel, it breaks mommy’s heart to hear you cry.”

Sawsan plugged a USB stick into her car stereo. She played “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” and hummed along.


to be continued…
“Because of Sara” is a short story that will be published in parts.  To find out what happens next read part 4  coming soon.
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