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Make Your Jewelry Sparkle with some Clear Nail polish file3441245000009

So you have some fake jewelry and in time it loses some of its luster. To conserve the jewelry’s shine, coat it lightly with clear nail polish. You can say goodbye to faded jewelry and tarnish marks.



Finding the Right Key

key tips (2)

Do you bumble in search for the right key to get into your home or office? An old simple trick will solve the problem. Using different colored nail polish paint different keys, an efficient color coding system to match the right key hole.




Getting Rid of Smelly Shoes

teabags in shoes (2)







Make your Stainless Steal Appliances Shine

First clean your appliances with a wet rag, once cleaned apply some baby oil or olive oil on a dry clean cotton cloth. Wipe along the direction of grain of the stainless steel. No need to add pressure, once finished use the dry side of the cloth to get rid of any excess oil and buff to an amazing finish.calling-all-dirty-dishes_l




Save Your Powder

Sometimes accidents happen and our favorite blush breaks in pieces. An easy fix crush your powder, add a few drops of 70% Alcohol, place clear plastic wrap on top and then flatten it out with a spatula. Your blush will be as good as new.make up

If you have any useful and handy tips, please do send them in to us so we can share them with our readers.

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