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Born To Be Me, But What Is That?



Do you know what you were born to do or become? Some know for a certainty, others have a vague idea but many wonder what is it that they were born to be or do. One might think we would remember exactly what the mission is all about and the part you are to play but many lose sight of it. When you arrived, you knew! Why are you unsure now; how does it happen that you lost the vision that accompanied you into life?

This malady is almost never the fault of the one who dreamed their dream. It can be attributed to the adults who surrounded you, authority figures or even pressure from siblings or friends that squashed your dreams. Yours may have been unfamiliar to them, making them uncomfortable or even a goal that was higher than they imagined you could reach. Unless there is jealousy behind the attempts to bridle your visions and goals this effort is not malevolent but rather an attempt to guide you to a safer or more comfortable plateau that the one in control imagines is attainable. Unfortunately, the result is the same. Your hopes and dreams become confused with someone else’s and come crashing to the ground, many times never to be recovered, leaving you wondering exactly what your purpose really is.

This establishes a life without direction where happenstance presents opportunities that you may or may not be interested in grasping. It is difficult and akin to boating without a sail. You just kind of drift into one thing after another until you imagine it’s too late or not worthwhile to purse anything that really excites you. It never is too late.

What were you born to do or be? What is the first thing you are interested in, read about or do every chance you get? Even if it involves a task that is difficult or impossible for others for you it is easy and fun. The results of your efforts frequently surprise others and leave you feeling really good about what you have done. Perhaps even proud. You are drawn naturally to the things that support what you came here to be or do. It is natural talent meeting enthusiasm and joy and becomes apparent as you make more and more attempts at doing it. You are good at it! You will find your special place right there where your interest is always piqued and creative ideas flow effortlessly about whatever it is. This is your natural place to shine.

Look for the things where you are always re-imagining methods or your creative ideas abound and you will find your natural talents are sailing right behind you and will become the missing sail, if only you believe. You were meant to shine and have dreams that allow you to soar. What are you waiting for?


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