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The Tunisian Professor Bouthaina Tlili

Meet Dr. Bouthaina Tlili

Her thirst for knowledge and high ambitions paved the way to her success; being a lecturer, and professor in several universities. She is the Tunisian Bouthaina Tlili currently a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai, and Chair for the UAE section of the IEEE Women (International Electrical & Electronics Engineers).

Arab Woman Mag had the pleasure to talking to Dr. Bouthaina about her journey to success,

“Growing up I was a shy and timid girl, until I began taking part in activities that required me to stand and address an audience. I worked hard to advance myself, gaining lots of skills, and furthering my education especially after travelling to the USA.

One of the reasons that helped me achieve my goals is having a supportive and understanding husband. I earned my PHD while married and commenced work even after having children. My husband stood by me, being a great spouse, sharing burdens of our house chores and helping with raising our kids, this had a positive outcome which reflected on our family as a whole.

When raising our children we didn’t differentiate between our son and daughter, we treated them as equals, to become independent, strong and confident individuals. Each of them has their own ambitions and goals and with our supportive family atmosphere they both gained leadership characteristics. Children see their parents as role models, and when the parents are successful and cooperative with one another and understanding towards their children this in turn has a positive impact on them.


boutahiana teaching


I do admit I was always busy when my children were younger but I have no regrets at all, on the contrary now that my children are grown up I am in search of additional volunteer work to occupy what extra free time I have besides my full time job and managing IEEE Women. Time is valuable and one should use it wisely to not just benefit ourselves but others as well. Women should not waste their time in things that do not add value to their lives.

Now in IEEE women in Engineering UAE, we are working hard to use all our expertise and years of experience to help engineers, scientists and anyone in search of knowledge. We guide them and teach them how to self-evolve no matter where they are we can reach them through our network and group members of our association that are located all over the world.

Our goal is to help women and men alike and make a difference in humanity, and from here came our interest in renewable energy.  We conducted several workshops, conferences to raise awareness to the significance of renewable energy and how its use will have a positive impact on the long run.

Additionally and after witnessing a need especially in the Arab world; we set up workshops to guide teachers on their teaching styles and how to present their science subjects and topics to their students in a modern and interesting way.”

Finally Dr. Bouthaina added on the subject of gender equality and said, “In Tunis there is no difference between a man and a woman, and that is why I was never treated as such or felt like I am suppressed or confined. Even after working abroad I saw myself as an equal and presented myself as a professional with confidence, man or women should not be treated differently based on their sex but should be viewed based on their effort and performance. Therefor I advise every woman to believe in herself, and not underestimate her strength and value, to have confidence and work on herself to have a strong independent personality.”


For this interview in Arabic click here:
: للعربي اضغط هنامن-تونس-البروفيسورة-بثينة/


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  1. Elloumi Sayda

    C’est à prendre en exemple. Bravo madame Boutheina pour cette expérience qui fait honneur à toutes les Tunisiennes et surtout Arabes à une époque aussi cruciale!

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