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Breaking Ties for Selfish Pursuits

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


It’s not that the human existence is just hollow, but there’s a purpose. Like the many phases of human life, our roles, commitments, endeavours and pursuits varies.

Ay, the senseless show of life is that where we, in our selfish pursuits, we break out ties with our near and dear ones.Oftentimes, out of ignorance, we avidly traverse on the worldly pathways that we forget about others, and sometimes, for the sake of worldly gains we deliberately distort our relationships with others. In both ways, we are losers.

At the pinnacle of our materialistic pursuits, we think we have attained success. But that’s a sheer fallacy because human greed doesn’t stay quiet and content. It desires more and more. On a closer introspection, we realize how for the sake of temporal wealth, we have lost cheerfulness, contentment, peace and simplicity in this life by staying aloof from our kith and kin.

In some cases, we stay neutral when there’s ill happening amid our own people. That’s laxity leading to bitterness in our ties with others. Sometimes, for the sake of pleasing few, we disregard others. Do we lack simple mannerisms or due to culture drift we have forgotten good etiquettes? Or perhaps, excess of worldly pomp has turned us prodigals?

I presume that recklessness and resentment are both destructive elements that disfigure human relations.

To brush off our irresponsible nature, we need to perceive right things in a right way. And, to swipe away resentment, we need to harbor love in our inward chambers. Indeed, a pulsating heart, with love and compassion, is more sublime than any prized wealth in this world.

Besides hoarding wealth and reaping reputation, how many times we think of lacing our lives with love so as to gain blissful moments? Shouldn’t we ponder what’s excellent to beautify our lives and what are flaws that can ruin our lives?

Indeed, goodness results in goodness. So, let the beauty of truth influence us for it has latent and apparent strength to alter life, with pivotal purpose. And, broken ties can be well cemented and understood when misconceptions are exposed, with its crookedness.

Let’s remember this that anytime, anywhere when we express our apologies, we don’t become small in status nor we lose anything.

In fact, our conviction to express our regret is truly a virtuous act and by mutual pardon, we only exhibit ourselves that how humane and successful we are.

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