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My Brother’s Car Trunk

 By Suha Abdulqader

“This is a man’s car-trunk” he said proudly as he showed me a spotless empty spacious trunk with only a jacket folded neatly in the corner. I stared in amazement and I have to say it took me a while to realize what it is that was so fascinating and almost magical: nothingness.

What happened here? I actually have people living out of my trunk; how come his is so nonchalant and care free?!

So I decided to go to my car and dig up the long lost treasures hidden there; let’s see now.  Where do I begin? Somewhere in the middle are my kid’s water guns and sand toys in case we decided to drop by a park one day. Of course there is the casual scooter for the same reason, a football, a dead football lying in the corner all sad and shriveled, extra plastic bags for trash and/or muddy clothes and shoes or simply soiled pants. A considerable layer of newspapers waiting until I drive by the recycle center, some tiles, yup tiles! I believe they have been there long enough to qualify for the “car-trunkian” citizenship because simply their turn never comes as I single handedly empty a trunk-load of groceries or carry home a sleeping child.

I also have a vase for exchange, some clothes that need alterations for the hubby and kids, and you just cannot go without that extra water bottle for the wipers or any other mucky emergencies.  A bag of books for donation; that keeps spilling out at each turn and another with some fabric waiting for the opportunity when I can swing by a framing shop for a project with apparently a very low priority. And hang on, how come he doesn’t have an umbrella there and some kid sneakers thrown there as they had to change their shoes on their way from soccer practice to a friend’s house? To be fair, he does have a jacket in there: his; whereas I am lucky to have a variety of pullovers and cardigans scattered around the car because the kids forget to bring them in.

Did I mention the hairbrush, hand cream, hair bands and various accessories? Don’t worry they are there, aging gracefully.  As for the baked mud spots from their bikes and the embedded grass grains from the time they decided they were avid botanists and naturalists, well let’s just skip the sob story, but I can assure you that no vacuum cleaner managed to get them out of that safe haven.

Two questions sum it up: is anything of the above mine? And why are they in MUM’s CAR?



Photo credit: Travis S. via / CC BY-NC




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