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Top 10 Ways to Bust Past Your Internal Glass Ceiling and Enjoy the Success You Deserve 


By Denise Michaels, Author, “Testosterone-Free Marketing”

When Hillary Clinton gave her famous speech, giving up her historic bid for the White House she claimed she put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. Women still haven’t won the US Presidency but often the glass ceiling they struggle with most is an internal glass ceiling of their own making. Here’s to busting past your internal glass ceiling and beyond the fears that have held it in place.

Fear of Needing Permission:
Taking risks means leaving your comfort zone and moving into your discovery zone. When you risk you’re at the limits of your “growing edge.” Many women business owners look for someone to given them permission to take risks and succeed. You’ll bust past your internal glass ceiling when you stop looking for someone to give you permission and find the courage to chart your own course. How can you motivate yourself? Decide whether you want fear or success in your life. Fear contracts while success always expands and opens to more.

Fear of Failure:
We need to redefine failure as a normal part of risking. Failure tells us to try a different approach… take a different step… talk to someone else… get information elsewhere. Failure is part of learning. Look at failure as an opportunity for growth as well as a signal that it’s time to look for a new way to solve problems.

Fear of Success:
Success can block us because it often means making great changes. In a well-known study, a sociologist found women fear success because it often means losing important relationships. Developing a strong sense of confidence will help you be flexible and open to change including success. Open yourself to new relationships and everything positive success may bring.

Fear of Loss:
Risking often means letting go. Subconsciously we may have free floating feelings about losing relationships, material things, employment and more when we think about busting past our internal glass ceiling. Trust the space you create due to a loss will attract new and better things. As one door closes another opens. Lessen your grip on the familiar and new opportunities more in alignment with who you are becoming will reveal themselves.

Fear of Loss of Self:
Stepping out can change how you see yourself. This can be scary at first. Low self-esteem can keep us clinging to an old sense of self. Keep building your self-esteem so you will have the courage to risk. Working together with a one-on-one mentor can help you in amazing ways.

Fear of the Unknown:
Most of us feel comfortable with the familiar. At the same time, we’re also excited by change and the possibility that busting past our internal glass ceiling can create. Remember the thrill of adventure and know when you take a risk you develop stronger “risk muscles”. Breaking through can help you transform your life and yourself into something much greater.

Fear of Adversity:
Taking steps that are unfamiliar can create discomfort. We don’t wants to “rock the boat” so we avoid conflict staying safely below our internal glass ceiling. Paul Stoltz, in his book “Adversity Quotient”, identifies people as: quitters, campers, and climbers. Quitters stop risking when they hit a challenge; campers risk a little longer but eventually camp out and remain in their comfort zone; climbers risk and grow throughout their lives. Which type are you?

Fear of Change:
It takes effort to change habitual behaviors and reactions. Researchers have learned “brain grooves” are created throughout our lifetime based on our routine behaviors. These grooves simplify our lives because they’re comfortable and familiar. Change means getting out of the groove which is not always easy. It takes patience, persistence and courage to face the fear of change.

Fear of Rejection:
No one likes to be disliked, criticized or feel disapproval. Often when you take a chance you face rejection from others because your risking has an impact on others and may create unwelcome changes. Be a little selfish. It’s finally time to take care of yourself and take actions necessary for growth even if someone else might reject you for it.

Fear of the Inner Critic:
Sometimes called “monkey chatter,” our inner critic verbalizes negative self-talk which paralyze you and effectively block you from taking risks. It’s that little voice inside that says, “Who do you think you are?” and worse. Silence your inner critic by using positive self-talk and affirmations.

If you have big goals and ambitions as a woman business owner, busting past your internal glass ceiling can help you to stop wasting time worrying about the things that probably won’t happen. And, it will bring you more of the excitement, success and results you’ve always imagined.


About the Author: Denise Michaels is a successful marketer, speaker, trainer and mentor. She’s mentored over 1,400 entrepreneurs and trained thousands more in her popular tele-classes and workshops. Author of the myth-shattering, business bestseller, “Testosterone-Free Marketing”.



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