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Candies and friends

By Hiba Khammash


Last night I was laying in my bed thinking about those people whom we call friends… I was trying to figure out what are they made of, are they made of sugar? Are they made of salt? Are they made of pepper and spices? What are they made of? Cement? Clay? Flesh and bones? Fruits and vegetables? Mmm well I don’t think so!!!

After reviewing these possibilities I started to believe that friends are like candies, they come in many kinds and many flavors, they are packed together in a box and the luckiest person gets the best flavors.

Some of these people “ friends” are like bitter chocolate, they are dark and mysterious, many people try to avoid them because the taste isn’t always satisfying! Some others are like sour candy, you like its taste at the beginning but then you would feel the real taste of it and it stings your tongue like a bee does. And believe me this type of “friends” or who should be named as hypocrites are scattered everywhere in the world and in huge numbers! The biggest problem is that we discover them just when we start to like them!

Some are too sweet like the sweetest candy with tons and tons of sugar that we try to avoid so we won’t harm our teeth, and those “friends” we should try to avoid them because DUH! People, is there someone that sweet in this world? Indeed no unless that “ friend” needs something you have, but the moment they get it, they’ll become darker than the darkest chocolate in the whole world!

But the best kind is like the well done very soft kind of chocolate the one that melts in your mouth and gives you the perfect satisfaction in the world, the one you will want to have over and over again to please yourself and be satisfied. Those friends are rare and unique and he is so lucky who finds one, they just get in and you can’t get them out, they are so sweet and caring, although they have their moments but deep inside they are always soft and stuffed with white hearts just like chocolate.

I believe that before having the chance to try the best kind, each one of us has to try one of the other kinds if not all, to be able to really enjoy the best taste, for in this life nothing worth having comes easy.

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