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Smart Women Get Lucky

By Joy Chudacoff The other day, while standing in a very long line at my local coffee shop, I struck up a conversation with the woman behind me. We began chatting about everyday topics-the weather, the holiday rush, and then we stumbled on that dreaded topic of the moment-the economy. I asked her a question: “What do you think would be …

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Are You A Smart Cyber Shopper?

 By Mira Khatib   With the Internet turning the world to one global market virtual shopping has become one of the most popular means of purchase. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are sure missing out on good deals, convenience and almost unlimited choices.  Sure, there are things that you have to see, touch or try before buying, but …

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Stressing on Stress

By Mira Khatib   Sometimes you may get caught up in your hectic and hurried world. And in the process of juggling responsibilities while rushing to tackle endless tasks, you get the feeling like you are struggling to keep your piece of mind. Sounds familiar? At some point in our lives we all suffer from stress, which is also known …

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Lasting First Impressions

  Did you know that within 30 seconds from meeting other people they form an opinion about you? Want to be an instant success try these tips: Your handshake can actually influence what they think, so here is what to do: Slide your hand all the way into the shake and apply light pressure to the other person’s hand to …

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Sun – Sebility

Can you feel the heat waves coming on? Well, that is part of living in the Gulf and there is no escaping it. And it seems that no matter how often we are warned about the dangerous of basking in the sun, many of us will be spending our coming days under the rays. Whether you are spending a day …

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