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FIDAA I A ABUHAMDIYA e SILVIA CHIARANTINI   Pop Palestine is not only a cookbook explaining how to prepare tasty dishes, but also a travel diary which tells about the life and history of a people, through the emotions of four florentine friends travelling around Palestine with a special guide: Fidaa, a young chef and expert blogger of Palestinian cuisine. …

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Four Resourceful Books on Personal Development

By Ezindu Onunka   There are many reasons one ought to pursue personal development. Besides becoming more conscious of yourself, there are promises of growth, fulfillment and long term happiness. These selected books written by experts are great resource materials, covering range of topics from habits, communication, finances and productivity. Rewire: Change Your Brain to Break Bad Habits, Overcome Addictions, …

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Visible Learning pioneer John Hattie showcases real success stories to help teachers “Know Thy Impact”

  Teachers are tired of being measured, accounted, and told what is wrong with them. As says John Hattie, “in nearly every school, success is around us; if only we had the courage to reliably identify and esteem it.” In their new book Visible Learning into Action, John Hattie, Deb Masters and Kate Birch take the next step in the …

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Dima Al Sharif debuts first cookbook Plated Heirlooms – a 500-page exploration of Palestinian food and culture

  Renowned UAE-based chef and writer Dima Al Sharif has unveiled her much anticipated first cookbook. Titled Plated Heirlooms, the 500-page book explores Dima’s native Falasteen (Palestine) and its rich culinary history through generations of Palestinian cooking. Dima, who grew up as part of the Palestinian diaspora in Jordan, was always surrounded by quality food. Her family owned the first …

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