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Start-up Secrets: Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

By Her Excellency Sara Al Madani, Board Member at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry shares her recipe for Entrepreneurial Success The UAE entrepreneurship ecosystem has swiftly increased in the last couple of years. Today’s young entrepreneurs across the country are heroes in their own right. From being interviewed by leading newspapers and magazines to having thousands of social media followers around the …

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Hands That Raise Us Up


By Alexa Keating   Somehow in spite of our best efforts we all meet up with a not so good friend called ‘Trouble.’ He springs from the shadows unannounced leaving a trail of burdens that don’t feel like they belong to us; yet they have arrived and aren’t inclined to leave easily. At times like these we search for a …

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Divorce the stereotype!


By Mira Khatib   Often, we inhibit ourselves with myths, proverbs or society’s norms and traditions. So what really matters is what we think of ourselves. Indeed we do not live alone and we rely on one another to prosper and advance; yet we need to break the stereotyping to have a meaningful and proper development in one’s personal or …

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Chasing the sun to Azerbaijan

azerbijan_arab_woman_platform (1)

It borders the Caspian Sea – world’s largest lake, has hillsides that sprout fire, and has just hosted World’s Fastest Street Circuit in the History of the F1 calendar. Welcome to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is probably where the Vikings came from. It is a country with the most mud volcanoes in the world and often said to have its head in …

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Enjoy a womens journey as Thailand offers more for female travelers

Travelers have always come to Thailand for a range of different reasons over the years. Young backpackers visit the kingdom seeking independence and adventure; honeymooners and couples come knowing they’ll find a romantic location where they can enjoy each other company on moonlit beaches and in gorgeous hotels; gourmets love the food, and golfers adore the golf courses. But increasingly …

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Inside The Wounds of Tragedy

By Alexa Keating    Something’s missing when tragedy touches our life, something is forever lost. Beyond the loss that we openly mourn lay those that no one sees. A lifelong search begins; one we imagine may never end. Tragedy is a heartbreaking loss. It is akin to a search and rescue that becomes a search and recovery operation. All hope …

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