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Uncelebrated Gift

By Af’eda Ibrahim   It was, according to the habit, that I got out of the house in a rush. The time left can hardly make me arrive on time even if I demanded a taxi. And as there was no taxi available, I took the minibus as the possible and remaining chance to get to the office even if late. …

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Let’s Live Cheery Lives

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad Aha…human life comes in various shapes and semblance. All it matters is how one perceives it. Either you take it according to your fantasies and notions or live broadly with all prudence and wisdom to make your life more beauteous. Verily, one becomes lethargic with more leaning for liberal hours, idleness and simply defying tasks out …

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The Great Shame Game

By Alexa Keating   A rather novel game has been steadily growing in popularity recently; not a new game but one that has been transformed from its ugly roots of bullying into something chic and alluring to many. It’s called the ‘Great Shame Game,’ now carefully shrouded under a veil of superiority and intrigue. The game comes complete with a …

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Inner Beauty


 By Reem Ahmed   I visited yesterday the butterfly park in Dubai only seeking a mood shift, where I was surprised by a new profound lesson to learn from those fragile, yet attractive creatures. And just today I heard someone saying: “We can only learn something by teaching it”. In fact she is absolutely correct, because we can only learn …

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Chronic pain versus acute

By Reem Ahmed   One day I asked a question on social media about chronic pain versus acute pain. I was curious to know how do people perceive them, which one do they think is more dangerous, and whether both can be cured following the same procedures and techniques. I wondered how would that work for soul, heart and mental …

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