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Do you have an opinion?

By Mira Khatib   How many of us go through life without having an opinion or expressing one? Is this because we do not have one or we have been accustomed to not sharing an opinion? Regardless this is how retracted societies are formed! So, why opinions matter? Well this is how innovation starts; this how partnership forms and more …

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By Mira Khatib   Imagine global businesses run by women. Imagine a world run by women. Close your eyes and see this. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful world? The skeptics would say no. They will point out to social challenges; or religious constraints or even philosophize lame reasons just to shoot down the idea of women leadership. Why is it …

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Wishing, Hoping and Dreaming


By Alexa Keating    We spend a lifetime using the words wishing, hoping and dreaming; did you know there is a vast difference between those three words? We wish for things we believe are unattainable, hope for things that could be within reach and dream of what might be. Is there a method to transform wishes and dreams into hopes? …

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Just A Fool

By Alexa Keating    Have you ever felt like someone made you look like a fool; do you feel like a fool or believe you have behaved like one? What is the cause of our willingness to step into traps where we are destined to emerge under these conditions? If you’ve ever found yourself in this kind of ‘fool’s paradise’ …

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Sleeping with the enemy


By Pamela Ghanem   We sometimes forget that the role of food is to nourish our bodies and not our feelings. Nevertheless, in my case, I think I have amnesia.. In fact, I don’t just eat my feelings.. I also eat my problems, my boredom, my hormonal changes and my depression. Food is an important part of my life.. I …

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I Remember You, Always

By Alexa Keating    I remember you, the first time ever I saw your face, the special magic that was you, the eyes I always loved, the you I grew to cherish. I remember your smile and all the expressions reflected in your mouth. The kind and gentle words you shared, the laughter and giggles I grew to love, the …

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How Bad Do You Want It?

By Najib Al Chamaa    “I am the only person in the world I should like to know thoroughly.” – Oscar Wilde. Ironically, it bewildering how many know so little about themselves. With the constant rise in expectations, responsibilities, and things to do, the majority of young adults find themselves lost. So over encumbered with the mainstream; through roaring perplexing …

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Love Being Tuned

By Anita Caprice   Today’s Thought Massage Reflection: What type of work would I do for free? My Ideal Career is? I Am Divine Faith, because… I love being Tuned. I am very protective of being Tuned. For the last couple of days, I’ve been purging and contemplating and accepting and shedding tears and feeling pain and lighting my incense …

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