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Preserving your Fertility Timeline


  By Dr. Monika Chawla Specialist OBGYN-IVF   Freezing eggs provides women with a chance to preserve their fertility    The technology provides the option to prolong a woman’s fertility timeline to ensure that they don’t miss out on receiving all of the joys of motherhood. This can be achieved by capitalizing on a woman’s prime window of healthy and quality …

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The Weather and your Health


  Summer is at its peak in the UAE, bringing with it waves of intolerable heat and high levels of humidity. The changing weather also causes sandstorms, which envelop the city with dust and sand. While these conditions can impact the body on many levels, the most prominent and common problems that are triggered off include colds, flu and other …

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Keeping kids mentally and physically healthy this summer


By Dr. Arif Khan, Consultant Pediatric Neurologist and Epileptologist and Head of Children’s Services at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology   It’s that time of the year when teachers bid farewell to their students, hoping that children don’t forget everything that they have learned during the past school year. It’s also that time of the year when parents …

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“The fault in our genes”– Curbing birth defects before conception!


By: Dr. Monika Chawla   Children whose parents are cousins run more than double the risk of being born with a congenital abnormality. These marriages are a strong tradition in the MENA region due to the cultural importance of higher familial compatibility and stability. However, it has its downsides. Birth defects, also known as congenital abnormalities, can range from relatively …

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7-day meal plan for Ramadan 

  Attributed to: Dr. Anita Das Gupta, Chief Dietitian, Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi Why it is important to choose food wisely during Ramadan? It is very important to choose food wisely during Ramadan, as generally, after a period of long fasting you are tempted to eat foods which are high in calorie, such as sweets and fried items. Moreover, after …

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Fasting for Fertility 

  Islamic fasting is special because of how it corrects people’s lifestyle, it promotes health and boosts spirituality of humans. Islam sees health and ‘well-being’ as much more than just bodily health, as well-being or tranquility requires a strong relationship with one’s spirituality, good physical health, mental happiness, a sense of purpose, good character, and relationships. It’s important to understand …

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