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The Loads our Children Carry

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   One day, I noticed my neighbour with his little daughter, probably a student of first class, waiting in front of the building for the school bus. She stood there— she visibly slim—but, on the contrary, next to her was her heavy backpack.  “Does she need to carry this load, enough to ache her back and …

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Living Is An Art

By John Rang   “Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.” Samuel Butler. Modern life is arty. It has grown into a science from just as art. Modern scientific and technological advance has removed its natural color and flavors and reduced it to automation. Man is a slave to science …

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Assume Nothing

By Lance Winslow   Perhaps you’ve heard the wise advice; “don’t assume anything” or the “assume nothing” version? Well, let me tell you the latter is far wiser. You see, you can take the phrase “assume nothing” both figuratively and literally and it turns out to be both great advice and scientifically correct. Let me explain this in laymen’s terms. …

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