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Nelson Mandela The Dean of Freedom

By Rouquia Alami    “Your story could be only told by the walls of your prison cell”     When I decided to pile up this outline about Mandela I made up my mind not to write about his political struggle, years of imprisonment, era of justice and governance. It is the focus on him as a human being.     Mandela the recipient of over 250 awards and Noble prize winner in 1993:   When he was arrested he was …

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Mohamed Zeyara Making His Mark

By Aisha Hyder (Grade 11) and Amira Zubairi (2nd year University)   Have you ever decided to take action and make a difference in the world, only to later push that thought aside? You are not alone. The youth of today have potential to initiate change in their communities but lack sources of inspiration. To become inspired, youth can turn …

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Figuring Out What Women Want

By Brent Crouch   The problem with most books and articles that try to articulate exactly what women want from men is that they tend to get too specific, and since every woman on earth is different, you simply can’t generalize on what each of them want. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few tried and true aspects every …

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What do women want?

By Khaled H.   I received a comedy clip video from a friend about what women expect a man to be. The clip was hilarious with all sorts of twists and paradoxical word combinations explaining what behaviors, characters, and manners they expect from the ideal man.  The comedian concluded that with all the contradicting attitudes a man should possess to …

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From Child to Man

By Kamal Hilmi   A road taken by all but survived by so few; the process by which a child turns to an adult is rough for most. My name is Kamal and I am a 20 year old university student residing in Canada. For the past 2 years I have lived alone and had to go through struggles necessary to transform …

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