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Alison Weir – If America Knew

  Interview with Alison Weir   Alison Weir is currently the founder and executive director of If Americans Knew, an American nonprofit organization that works to inform Americans on the facts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with particular attention to the US connection and American media coverage. “In fall of 2000 when the Palestinian Al Aqsa Intifada began, I grew curious …

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Amena Khan An Inspirational Woman

  Energetic, motivated, and inspirational is how one would describe the 30 year old British Amena Khan. Her passion for fashion and deep faith has led her to a successful career in Islamic fashion design. Being raised as a faithful Muslim Amena thought about wearing the hijab, she adds, “I decided to wear the hijab in my twenties, after re-discovering …

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Is Divorce the Best Solution?

  Divorce the better of two evils, a choice one seeks when there is no other choice, and everyone deals with its effects differently yet undoubtedly it has an impact in our lives. What do you think of divorce? When does it become the better solution? Arab Woman Mag asked the following women these questions and here are their answers: …

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Interview with Coach Yasmine Farouk

Her enthusiasm is contagious, from the moment coach Yasmine Farouk began talking to us about her passion and mission to help people explore their potential and capabilities and ultimately attain their purpose in life; one couldn’t help but get excited and hopeful for a glimpse of what could be in our Arab societies. Although strayed somewhat from her academic background …

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6 Flowers

Trying to go against all odds and fight unemployment, six sisters from Gaza; all university graduates took matters into their own hands and came up with their own project doing traditional Palestinian stitch work; becoming role models to what Arabian woman can achieve and aspire.   So who are the sisters and how did their idea come about? Noor Shasha’ …

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What does it mean to be feminine?

  Females are one of God’s amazing and most exquisite creations. The unique combination of delicacy, compassion, tenderness and tolerance in all her shapes, forms and moods she is the glue and foundation for stability and happiness. The strongest of men melt in the presence of a compassionate woman. Her power lies in her femininity but what does it mean …

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