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The Longing

By Nimah Nawwab The Longing Freedom. How her spirit Haunts, Hooks, Entices us all! Freedom, Will the time come For my ideas to roam Across this vast land’s deserts, Through the caverns of the Empty Quarter? For my voice to be sent forth, Crying out in the stillness of a quiet people, A voice among the voiceless? For my thoughts, …

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By Mira Khatib Covered I am, oppressed I’m not. My religion, my choice, my right. Who are you to judge? Do you know me? Do you know what is in my heart? Do you know my thoughts my fears? Why does my modesty bother you? Is it because you don’t understand it? Or is it because you dread that I’m …

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Broken Music – By Nathalie Handal

Nathalie Handal is an award-winning poet, playwright, writer, and a cultural and literary activist. She has lived in Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Arab world. She has also been involved either as a writer, director or producer in over twenty theatrical and film productions worldwide. We leave you here to listen to one of her famous …

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The Horror of War

By Mira Khatib   Clear blue skies and twinkles a far “Look mom a shooting star” A glee of innocence filled with pride, She held him close wishing to hide   Down it came with its rushing flames A power of a rocket that knows no aim Screams from a far, so much pain “Mommy am I to blame? Born …

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HADEEL by Rafeef Ziadah

Rafeef Ziadah, a Palestinian spoken–word artist and activist who is banned from returning to her homeland. Her poetry spoken from her heart reflects the struggles of her beloved Palestine. She won the 2007 MayWorks Festival Poetry Face-Off. She dedicated her debut album “Hadeel” to the Palestinian youth, who defy the odds and still fly kites in the face of F16 …

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Can’t Stop Time

By Mira Khatib   Old age they say comes naturally, One should grow ever so gracefully But, As wrinkles are lined And bones not so kind Aches here and there Trying not to despair Covering of greys And plucking of strays Moisturizing and hoping Skin will stop moping Trying to reverse time Or conquer a body that was mine Yet …

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