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Footprints On My Heart

By Charlene Hess    Anna took one last glance into the bloody toilet before flushing what should have been her fourth baby down the drain. Stumbling, she turned, leaned against the bathroom wall, slid to the floor, and sobbed. Why? Why couldn’t her body keep a baby? Why was she being forced to endure all this pain and heartache? Why …

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One More Breath!

By Piyush Pareek   Keyboards clutter. Landlines rumble. The ceiling fan squeals for an early retirement. Papers slide over the wooden table and that is when a man clusters all his courage to plunge from that lavish blue chair. His eyes target a dull white cubicle at the end of the hall where sits a man, known as boss, who …

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The Greedy Suitor 

By Dana Husam Abdallah He’s tall, he’s good looking, he’s a mid-level accountant, and he’s… selfish, greedy and a miser? “Another day, another bachelor.” Lina sighed to herself. She sat at her desk, unable to focus on the task at hand while her mind wandered to the suitor currently pursuing her. After the first awkward meeting – the blind date …

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My Brother’s Car Trunk

 By Suha Abdulqader “This is a man’s car-trunk” he said proudly as he showed me a spotless empty spacious trunk with only a jacket folded neatly in the corner. I stared in amazement and I have to say it took me a while to realize what it is that was so fascinating and almost magical: nothingness. What happened here? I …

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