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My Trip in the Tunnel (Episode 3)

  By Reem Ahmed During this scary, yet interesting journey I met great souls, scared souls, tortured souls and corrupted ones. As I came across new people, I learned numerous new lessons, gained additional wisdom, recovered more energy and took new proactive actions in all directions. I passed through people from different religions, cultures and ages and all kept reminding …

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Because of Sara – Part 5

By Dana Husam Abdullah   September 23, 2015 Nadia woke up with a startle. Her arms twitched and she felt chills, even though the temperature inside the hotel was steadily warm. She went to the bathroom and splashed her face with lukewarm water. Her husband, now propped up on his elbows, stared at her when she went back to the …

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Because of Sara – Part 4

  By Dana Husam Abdullah   October 15, 2011 “Well, Doctor Marwa,” Sawsan fidgeted with the strap of her handbag while the gynecologist examined the x-rays. “Are my polycystic ovaries the only reason for my irregular periods, or is there something else?” “Sawsan, according to your file, you’re twenty one,” Doctor Marwa stated. “When did you get your first period?” …

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Because of Sara – Part 3

  By Dana Husam Abdullah   November 5, 2013 “Your mother told me what you decided! Why won’t you consider accepting Zaid’s proposal?” Sawsan’s father yelled at her, as soon as she came home from the PR firm she worked at. She hadn’t gotten a chance to change out of her suit or even put the briefcase down. “He is …

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Living A Lie

I am a French Arab girl, my family emigrated before I was born, it didn’t take  much time for me to recognize the differences between me and other children at school, the gap grew even bigger as a teenager. I was forbidden from hanging out with friends, going on school trips or attending parties. The only answer I was getting from …

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Because of Sara – Part 2

  By Dana Husam Abdallah   September 24, 2015 Sawsan Ali Tameem sat on a bench in the garden shared by the houses in the Downtown Kiyam Compound Buildings, part of a gated community that was a few kilometers from Sawsan’s studio apartment. The sun attacked her, so she tried to wipe away sweat from her face with the back …

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