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A Love Letter To Mom

By Velvet Haygood Woodly   Some of my fondest memories in life came from you mom. Some of the best lessons you taught me. Reading me books, giving me baths, saying prayers with me and doing my hair are a few of the memories I cherish. Love, security and encouragement is what you gave me my entire youth. Coming from that …

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Romantic Oeuvre

By Eric   Don’t like him. Don’t like her. I just pleasantly tolerate your presence around mine’s. I cannot love you. I am in love with someone else and I must be sure that I am where I am supposed to be. I need to settle down and you came too late, you came too early, you do not exist …

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This Family

By Eric I used to fear coming home, I did not want to see you, I have missed you though, I have thought of you a lot, we used to be so close, do you remember? what about mom? I talk to her, yeah at least once a week, almost every day, I don’t know whenever I get the chance, has …

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New Beginnings

By Mira Khatib   Tick tock, tick tock…eyes stared almost impatiently at the big wooden clock that hung on the wall. Life seemed to stand still as the last seconds of the year were passing away. Noise all around started to taper as everyone held their breath and then eagerly counted in one go – 3, 2, 1…midnight! A roar …

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Spiral Up

By Eric She has the words to back herself up but I have nothing. I live depending on her needs and her dreams. I want more but if I do not know what I want, where would I go? It is not the fact that I am comfortable with her that stops me but the fact that she believes we …

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The Grave

By Mira Khatib   I stood there looking at the small framed grave, although 7 years passed yet the fact that you’re not around anymore is hard to swallow or accept. A life once lived so grand is buried, a man’s life his stories, struggles, successes are all done and gone, but the memory lives on. I pray for you, …

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