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By Andrea Marchon Rasha, a young woman who epitomized beauty inside and out, now wounded, sore,traumatized and devastated, made her way staggering down a cobbled pathway. The heat blazing against her lifeless abused body. Where was she going? She wondered too. Was there a place where in she could take refuge? Parched, tired, full of grime and sweat she edged forward …

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The Cliff

By Phen Weston   She sat on the edge of the cliff and contemplated. Debated the what ifs of a sudden demise. Who would miss her, mourn for her. At times she could feel the burning desire to take the final plunge into the churning waters that crashed gracefully against the ancient white cliff face below. What a way to …

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 By Andrea Marchon Raija, a pretty woman, she must have been in her prime, now gracefully ageing and accepting what middle age has to offer with a smile. Dealing with mood swings, hot flushes are second nature to her, smile intact, she goes about her days chores…… without a grunt…. and occasional sigh maybe. A mother of four children,  who are now …

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Stolen Dreams

By Mira Khatib   In astonished wide-open eyes Ahmad watched the perfect shape of the plane that hovered up in the blue summer sky. For a moment he lost touch with his surroundings and felt his passion to be above the clouds, for it was his dream one day to fly and discover the world he lived in. “Yalla Ahmad, …

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The Gift of Motherhood

By Mira Khatib   At three in the morning with a small suitcase in her hand, nine months pregnant Noha climbed over snow-drifts on the arm of  her husband as he frantically tried to flag down a taxi whose driver took one look at them and said, “I’m not going to the airport, “I’m not either!” Noha yelled back. That …

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A Poetic Tale From Nature

Descending sun touches the horizon line westward. From a distance the moon observes sunset. When the sun falls down and goes to way away. The youngsters play the riddle: “Where does the sun disappear, in the sea or down the valley?” This riddle is still unsolved ever since the creation of earth. This is not the only puzzle:  “So what …

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