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The Spirit of Eid lingers on

By Mira Khatib   The “Ka’eks” aroma filled the air as my mother and grandmother worked tirelessly in the kitchen preparing the traditional sweets for Eid. I remember sneaking in every now and then and grabbing some of the hot baked cookies to indulge in, sometimes I still can taste that sweetness from long ago. Days have been spent cleaning, …

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Hajj: A Lifetime Experience

By Maha Noor Elahi Equality; how wonderful our world would be if equality were held as a life system! Imagine being equal to all the kings and presidents of the world! Imagine being equal to the wealthiest people on earth! Imagine walking or sitting in the same place and maybe talking and eating with the elite of your society! Imagine …

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Ask Andrea

Do you have any relationship issues or concerns? Send your questions in to Andrea Marchon our relationship expert. Andrea Marchon holds a degree in Psychology and conducts seminars on self-esteem and personality development.     After I got married I realized my husband is very stingy, his life revolves around money and not spending. I feel suffocated as he …

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Dear Gaza

By Dalia El Athamna   I finally have the courage to pick up my pen and write down my feelings on paper … My hand is shaking … I don’t know where to begin … But I will begin and I will let my tears do the writing for me. Dear Gaza, Forgive me ….. Today marks the 19th day of …

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To Cover or Not to Cover

By Mira Khatib My Hijab Journey I looked in the mirror, I saw my reflection looking back at me, but was this really me? I stood there studying my covered hair, Yes, it was the same person but the image didn’t quite fit the character. Same eyes, with eye shadow, eyeliner and thick lashes, blusher touched my skin, and lipstick …

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